Rollback for some PFiles Required


Hello all,

It seems at some point earlier today, I made a typo and copied the
builder port pfiles over to the main port.

As such, the only thing I've got right now is the backups of pfiles
from earlier today, and I'm going through them to restore pfiles that
were overwritten by their builder port similar-named versions.

I am deeply sorry for this error, and will be doing the following to
try to ensure that I don't do this again:

1. I will keep my time in the actual shell to a minimum, and set up
a virtual machine locally for testing, rather than relying on the
builder port.. Or issues like this can arise

2. I will write a backup process that I will run before every version
upgrade that makes a 100% full backup of the entire MUD, not just
pfiles, areas, etc. so that at any time, I can roll back to the
version before an upgrade is performed.

Please let me know if you notice any wonky pfiles, otherwise I will try
to clean this up in the next hour or so.

Software Development
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