Town Hall 1 Summary - PK, Classes and Balancing


Player Killing

To be honest, not much feedback at all. Some mention of changing
the percent chances of maladictions, and a little touched upon
with class balancing and getting players up-to-speed faster were
the major discussion items relating to PK.

* Some discussion about new areas relating to PK.

* Potentially removing no_recall flag on Forest of Destruction's
Graveyard FreePK area.

Class Changes or Balancing Discussion

* Spellcasters - General complaint that spellup mobs make them
feel like they are obsolete.

* Priest:
- If possible, healing over time type spells.
- Buffing normal heal or mass heal.
- Look into and perhaps test full-healing in combat.

* Lich - Drinking blood might be felt to be slightly overpowered,
specifically for mana regeneration. This can be discussed and
investigated further.

* Strider - Diversity in creature summoned would be nice, not
everyone likes bears.

* Wizard - Diversity in creature summoned, not everyone likes
demons either.

* Mercenary - Tweak their damage to be slightly increased.

* Monk:
- Decrease their damage for actual main attacks, so that they
rely on combos more for their "bigger damage."
- Make "missing the timing window" a little more forgiving.

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