Town Hall 1 Summary - RP, Areas/Equipment, PHousing



* Make the game more Forgotten Realms, as the name of the game is
Waterdeep.. so people have an expectation of FR.

* Possibly implement a roleplaying karma type system that can only
be increased, to better track RP-related without getting Reddit
downvote effect?

* More roleplaying rewards, as some players feel there is no value
to roleplaying that feel tangible.

* Customization of attacks and fighting style/echos.

Areas, Runs, Equipment

* Make it easier for newbies to find runs or learn their mechanics.

* Allow mortals to beta test areas.

* Add more to the random dungoen generator, people love it.

* Add more heroics, people love those too!

* A rotation of run-related equipment that improves, and after a
period of time, having those new items available in the IQ/AP shop.

* Possibly add armor breakdown to make platinum matter again.

* Figure out ways to make equipment more customizable, be it
with code or mobprog trade-ins for combos of items.

Player Housing

* Multiple precall commands, figure something out.

Software Development
Waterdeep: City of Splendors