Town Hall 1 Summary - UM, New Players, Retention


Hello all, we've just concluded the first of many Town Halls,
which will become shorter and more clean in the future as we
all learn better. Attached in the next few news items are
the summaries of what we discussed.

Please send ideas or notes to immortals (or all, if you feel
it warrants public discussion) regarding any of the items
and we will be sure to continue the discussion.


* Things got frozen for a bit, we are planning on an early 2016
detailed beta, where we will be doing a lot of balancing and
learning together.

* Our focus will be on the engine being flexible to try and
accommodate any features people can think up, and a lot more
measure-change-measure lifecycle.

New Players, Retention, and Progression

* Improvement to the MUD School for complete newbies.

* We are missing features that would make the game easier:
- Help system that doesn't suck.
- Mapping/area system to get newbies moving in the right
direction easier and know what to do.

* New players feel underpowered, we should work on getting them
up-to-speed faster once heroed, increase of levelling gains or
at-hero practices and base improvements feel like a direction.

* Look more into roleplaying and other forums to find people who
want to find a community.

* Adding the ability for mobprogs to give you a chance at gaining
practices, trading in AP for practices, etc. could be possible.

* Make experience gains based on the level range of an area, as
well as potentially mob HP (or other factors) to ensure that
if an area is level 1-30, you don't get godmode exp to level 60.

* Make movement points not reduce so quickly, make recall not
reduce movement points.

* Add portals between reas so that you can hop across the realms
rather than have to walk all the way. Something similar to the
moogles could be created.

Software Development
Waterdeep: City of Splendors