Undermountain (Alpha)


After a lot of harassment, I have been asked to release the current
state of Undermountain to let the public take a look.

Please understand that this is an ALPHA version, that you should not
try or assume you can really "play" yet. Things will be broken, and
known to be broken-- Including, but not limited to:
- There is magic missile, and invisibility.. and invis does nothing.
- There are no skills.. and if there are, they're broken.
- All players can see all channels.
- Areas don't repopulate automatically, but immortals can.
- All mobs have 1 hp, and experience doesn't consider mob levels.
- Some socials don't work..
- .. A lot more.

The players (and some immortals) insist on making this open so that
we are a lot more transparent, but I can't stress the amount of
functionality that is missing.. so please don't send any bug reports
until we are formally requesting them.

Server information: beta.waterdeep.info 6669
(If it's not letting you connect, it may be getting restarted with a
new code push.)

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