Hello everybody. :)

I realize it's been a while since anything has been posted on the current
status of the stuff we have been working on, so I'm posting this to just
kind of update everybody that we ARE working on stuff. :)


I know a lot of you have heard of our equipment overhaul plans, and they
are true... We are working on overhauling eq, as you have seen from the
updated AP list. All of this eq will be purchased with AP when it comes
out. Right now we are trying to figure out exactly HOW to create the
eq - basically what stats to give it and how to build it in relation
to what will become "old" eq. Along with this comes...


Eppy's largest project right now is overhauling our stats, classes and
races. We've heard your call for trying to balances races out with their
stats, and we are hoping to do that with stats (possibly NEW stats),
Armor Class, and the damage code. This is a massive undertaking and it
is taking a lot of brainstorming. Our most prominent idea right now is
to add a handful of new stats - stats that interface with many different
facets of your character, such as spell damage, hit/damrolls, AC, even
particular skills (i. E. Agility for circle). There is still a lot of
speculating we need to do, but we are moving in this direction currently.
This meshes with eq plans, as we will be able to add these new stats
to the eq to both make them viable and powerful.


One of our hangups is old characters. We want to definitely close the
gap between a new character and a 15 year old character. Understanding
that old players with years of work into their character need to be handled
delicately, we still want to find a way to release new equipment and
such without widening the gap. We do have some ideas, but are welcome
to hearing more. One of our ideas was diminishing returns. If we add
new stats we can remove hp caps and such, but exponentially increase
the cost of training stats. Perhaps all stats can be trained to 25 at
the cost of 1 train per single increase. Training a stat to 26 could
cost 3 trains. 27 could cost 5. This would provide a way for all people
to continuously improve their characters but also give newbies a chance
to catch up, because older players will be pulling away at a slower rate.


We are working on new content, builder-wise. We want an AP-introduction
system to be added to our runs with increasing difficulties, and have
begun work on this. We are also STILL hiring builders to help up revamp
older areas and such (which is also being worked on.) If you're interested
in building just type "help olc_builder_app" to learn how to apply.


We are waiting on final word from the upper management on the old clans,
but we are hoping to move forward with it soon. Basically we want to
reorganize the clans into larger governmental factions, and bring old
clans that have enough support back as small factions to try and work
for becoming a clan again, which eventually will be assimilated into
these factions as well.

You: What I would like from you guys is help. :) We do love all the ideas,
and I hope this list gives you an idea of exactly what we are trying
to do. We could really use some discussion on what you think we could
do to improve this mud. If you have any ideas on any of those topics,
please... We want to hear them!

Thank you for your patience and all the amazing support. :)

Any ideas you have... you can forum to immortal for easy tracking, or just
post an idea! We do read them.

--:--<8 Aeris