V-Day Donation Drive


Happy Valentines Day,

Well it is that time of the month, not the kind when Aunt Flow comes to visit
but when LiquidWeb wants its leafy greeny spendy money to keep operations going
on our fair little game and server.

I hate to keep saying it, but definitely never a fan of asking the people of this
almost 16 year old game for donations, but as of recent my disability money has
been cut off, namely this week when I really needed it.

So anyone who is willing to give up a few dollars to this place, especially now
that Bane has been coding some kick ass new systems like the team arena, we ask
you toss a few bills into our heart shaped donation box (aka Paypal).

Donations will help float us for several months, as I am working on earning my
own income via a private business, and other means.

Goal: $150.00
Donations can be made to Donations@WaterdeepMud.com via Paypal.

I will shout when we have reached our goal.

Thank you, and keep on trucking.