"Dark Origins" Global RP Campaign Synopsis


Waterdeep's Global Roleplay hopes to act as a backdrop for all players to develop their characters and new story lines.

The point of the Global RP is to get more 'happenings' out in the game world for players to react to and help provoke more roleplaying.
But keep in mind that the GRP is not SOLELY for roleplayers - at every turning point in the story immortal quests (IQs) will be staged that
will allow players to play cooperatively, solo or competitively to change the outcome of the overall story.

These major events typically begin with a live roleplaying session beforehand, followed up by a fun IQ for everyone to enjoy.
After that event there is typically a post-IQ live roleplaying session to wrap up the events. Rolenotes written by the staff and players follow.

Here's a brief synopsis of each major chapter in the story so far.

A Child Dies in Darkness:

* A child named Maele is murdered by an unknown force in the woods outside
Westbridge. The only witness to the murder is a half-witted half-orc who
was imprisoned for his connection, but subsequently rescued.

A Fire in Vector

* A tenement in Vector City is set ablaze. During this Live RP / IQ Event,
a group of players entered the building, and managed to rescue its
inhabitants before the building collapsed. A Live RP Event following the
rescue included some research into the cause of the fire.

All Kinds of Dwarves

* An usual-looking dwarf by the name of Voiser is found in Westbridge.
Anya was able to make him drunk enough to drop a few hints about his
connection to local events, but his real intentions remain unclear.

Terror From Below

* The horrifying force behind the previous incidents is revealed.
* Torregiano and Zozo City are attacked by a new enemy.

Torog, The King Who Crawls