Father's Day Iq

[ 24] Duerra: Fathers Day Tree Climb  
Sun Jun 17 12:01:32 2018
To: all
Happy Father's Day to everyone at Waterdeep.
If you are a Dad, Love your Dad or didnt have one...
It is Hard growing up in this world, thank you to
all of the people that help shape the minds of tomorrow.

If you have some time of your hands I propose an poem...

Slaughter for Snow - Changes

[276] Jergal: 2.30.6 (slaughter-for-snow) final  
Fri May 11 19:12:29 2018
To: all

========2.30.6 (slaughter-for-snow)=======================
* survey - able to identify anything before you buy it.
* cause spells - damage has been significantly increased and scales with int.
* slash - hit will now proc weapon flags and act as a normal hit
* hack - hits will now proc weapon flags
* teleport - teleport is now smarter and should better rooms 
* wrinkle - wrinkle is also smarter and should find better rooms

Two Moons Cleric Hunt! - Update

Hello Everyone,

The tokens were collected today at 15:00 WDST and with a bit of suspense we
cranked the raffle drum and got our two winners!

There were 287 Selune Tokens & 100 Shar Tokens collected ! Great effort all.

The winner of the Selune draw was:


The winner of the Shar draw was:


Thank you everyone for the feedback on this years Two Moons Festival, without
all of you this would be a cold quiet place. I hope everyone had a chance to

Two Moons Cleric Hunt

Hey Everyone,

We had a few issues getting this going but now is the time! you will have until
Sunday the 29th at 15:00 WDST to hunt and collect cleric tokens from the Selunite
and Sharite clerics that are spread out accross the realms.

At that time next weekend we will do a special give away using those tokens as
ballots for two very special items inspired by the theme of the event.

I hope that all of you can make it out. Happy hunting and thank you very much

Two Moons Changes

[275] Jergal: platinum auction changes  
Thu Apr 19 13:49:19 2018
To: all
Platinum Auction Changes.
============2.30.4 (slaughter-for-snow)==============================
*xp - double xp should now show the correct xp
*cause light - a minor version of kick.
*cause serious - a magic version of kick.
*cause critical - an upgraded magic kick.
*drag - you should now be able to drag items you could pickup as well.
*harm - magic attack for 2% of target HP (wo sanc) as long as target is above 90%.

Waterdeep 2018 Two Moons Festival

The third week of April approaches and with that brings. The Festival of
the two moons. This is one of Waterdeep's four major holidays. There will be
lots of gear, lots of leveling, and a lot of reason to come online all

There will be tokens loaded into the world that can be claimed and submitted
when the auction has finalized that will enter you into a draw where you can
be randomly picked to win one of the unclaimed items!

This news mark the start of a week long celebration, of YOU!