noremove flag removal


The changes to flag removals via AP were to support upcoming changes
That are no longer going to happen (At least in the forseeable future)
As a result, You can once again remove the noremove nouncurse etc flags via AP.
Rotdeath/Inventory is still a no-go as i will be working out a different
Solution to this particular issue.

In addition We need more ways to obtain AP, So look forward to some additions
and tweaks in that regard.

Helpfile will be updated to reflect the change soon.

Character RP Worksheet

The following sheet was provided by Mielikki.

Not all of the questions should be answered about your character, but I find it worthwhile to consider each of them. -Torog

I believe the most intricate plot won't matter much to readers if they don't care about the characters, especially in a series. So I try to focus hard on making each character, whether villain or hero, have an interesting flaw that readers can relate to. -Jeff Abbott

Red Wizard IQ - Friday, Feb. 20th @ PM Eastern ST


Backstabbing! Lies! Betrayal! Murder! Lynching the Innocent!

My goal: the biggest turnout for a Red Wizard IQ possible.

If you've never played Red Wizard, don't worry it's easy to pick
up the rules, and it's not combat-based, so all players from
newbie to veteran are welcome to participate. Even an immortal
plays once in a while. (They're usually lynched immediately.)

Config Roleplayer


Ok people, voting time.

Config roleplayer.

Keep current settings where you have to toggle to use RP channels.


Bring back the old system where you configure to be a role player, and
you choose the channels you want to use via using the channels.

Post notes to imm please.


Reminder about language


We are working very hard to try to make Waterdeep a place that
everyone can enjoy. Part of that effort includes a strict ban on
racial and gender-based slurs. Use of these words will result in a
warning to stop. If you continue to use the offensive language and
disrespect the authority of the staff, further action will be taken.
Our Lady of the Forests

RE: Clan Revival 2015


I'm excited at the prospect of a Clan Revival.
I'd like to help any Revived Clans develop an RP
reasoning for how the clan came to be revived.
I'd also like each clan to designate their own 'RP Leader'
that can be the point person for RP ideas and storylines.

Torog, The King Who Crawls