Waterdeep New Rules Draft


Waterdeep contains Adult-themed content and language.  By logging into the MUD, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to view such material and the possibility that someone may say something you find objectionable. The following rules are designed as a guide for players and staff. The staff of Waterdeep retains the right to take any action required to safeguard the integrity of the game, even actions not specifically outlined here.


Thankskilling IQ Area - Update


The ferocity and rabidity of the turkeys has been greatly
reduced and the rewards... changed. I won't say that the
turkeys are docile, but they shouldn't be killing prepared
players outright. The boss mob is still being polished off,
but feel free to enjoy the newer, slightly-less rabid turkeys
and their delicious giblets.

- Torog

Crystal Stuffings


Venn has decided to hold a Thanksgiving party in
his crystal. All the family friends and people craving
turkey that hey knew showed up. His guests make up
many of the mobs from the runs. I recomend that you
kill the host last so that he does not shut his crystal.
The theme is set the guests have arrived it is only
missing you and your friends.


End of Year Contest: New Food Items


Courtesy of our Illustrious Coder, Kelemvor: a new set of foods
will be added to the 'create food' spell, which will allow for
foods that encourage more roleplay.

We are actively seeking suggestions for new foods.

Our goal is to allow a wide enough variety of foods to
support all kinds of roleplay. Foods that cover some of
these categories would be great!

Cornrow Maze IQ Closing


Since the Halloween IQ area was a little late for Halloween, I kept
it open for an extra week. This Sunday I'll be tearing it down.

It will reappear next year for Halloween with some modifications, but
the IQ items attained within will remain useful, year to year.

Congrats to the players who braved the area and those few who were
able to defeat Rotten Ol' Jack.

Powerleveling and You


After some discussion amongst the immortal staff (prompted by the ever-loving scamps over in Vector),
it's been decided that, for the time being, we will remove the "no weakening mobs" part of the no powerleveling rule.
This does NOT change the range of assistance. If you interfere with combat out of range, you'll still get in trouble.
This also does NOT allow you to multiplay. You want to weaken mobs for yourself? One character logged on at a time.
And if someone comes along and steals the mobs you weakened in the meantime, tough titties!

Town Hall 1 Summary - RP, Areas/Equipment, PHousing



* Make the game more Forgotten Realms, as the name of the game is
Waterdeep.. so people have an expectation of FR.

* Possibly implement a roleplaying karma type system that can only
be increased, to better track RP-related without getting Reddit
downvote effect?

* More roleplaying rewards, as some players feel there is no value
to roleplaying that feel tangible.

* Customization of attacks and fighting style/echos.

Areas, Runs, Equipment

Town Hall 1 Summary - PK, Classes and Balancing


Player Killing

To be honest, not much feedback at all. Some mention of changing
the percent chances of maladictions, and a little touched upon
with class balancing and getting players up-to-speed faster were
the major discussion items relating to PK.

* Some discussion about new areas relating to PK.

* Potentially removing no_recall flag on Forest of Destruction's
Graveyard FreePK area.

Class Changes or Balancing Discussion