Something is amiss in the graveyard southeast of Westbridge!

Careful if you are young
Hunt if you are a killer
Save to the area if you are a hero
Don't stress or I'll eat you

Got a Problem?


Alright everyone, here is a friendly reminder. If you have a problem
or issue within the mud and need immortal intervention, do NOT just send
a note straight to Niss or Lorna (or both!). Send the note to immortals
and we will take care of the issue.

Niss and Lorna are very busy, and if you want to get an issue addressed,
send it to us first. If it is major enough to warrent their intervention,
we will bring it to their attention.

That is all.


The Intent of Morthazar


Esme's network of Spies have reported that Morthazar is continuing his plot for power again.
Unlike last time, he is now seeking the power from some of the most power creatures, who have some
of the most powerful items in the Realms.

His plot is still not all well known, however, last time when he stole a Shimmering Sword from the lair
of the Tchazzar, he was able to altar its power. Morthazar's plans however, were foiled by a group of
adventurers who broke into his Lair, and got the Sword.