Werewolf Island


To be short,
All eq generated before the posting of this news in regards to Werewolf
Island, is to be sacced.

The run will remain closed until it is done.

Please sac your eq, and note me what you had, and that it is sacced.

I will then open the run to be enjoyed by all.

Again, if we catch any time stamped eq generated before this news, you
will feel he wrath of Fenmarel.


Town Hall Meeting


Hear ye hear ye.

We will be having a Town Hall meeting this coming Sunday, starting at about 9pm
EST. The topic of discussion is everything, basically what path we are going
to take with this place, changes and so forth. So get your note pads out.

Location to be determined later.

For anyone who cannot attend, feel free to post me your question via
note and we'll cover it in the meeting, especially you overseas players,
wish I could do this in a time good for you, but its hard.


Note Flags


Remember, kids. Imms can flag notes to reply to y'all if you have
a simple request. Just check your note list every couple of days if
you note imms with a question. It's a lot easier for us to note flag
it than to write out a full response with just a "yes" or "no". :p


Town Hall Meeting, Clan Halls, Portals


First, sorry for the clan halls loading up closed this morning, this is
due to an area update, on the other port the halls are flagged closed
for construction purposes.
We are also aware there is a major issue with portals, you guys should
have a backdoor to the clan hall to leave from, but if you're really
stuck, pray and we'll try and get ya some help.

Clan Requirements


To piggyback on Fenmarel's posting regarding clan RP requirements:

If you would like assistance or just need ideas/second opinions, remember
to reach out to your RPTs. These folks have been doing this for some
time and are each excellent sources of information and creativity. For
a list of online Roleplay Teachers type 'who rpt', however the all inclusive
list is as follows...


The same goes for those looking to enter clans in the future.


Clan Requirements


This is just a (semi) friendly reminder that if you are a member of a
clan, you must have a valid RP description and your RP flag toggled.
What is a valid RP description? Well, we are pretty open minded about
it. However there are some limits. Ascii art of boobs (or any ascii art
that lacks actual descriptive text), your RP description from when you
were in DHPK, kill lists, quotes, etc. Are not valid.

Consider this the global warning. I have sent specific notes to clan
leaders already.

Lag Spikes, Server, Etc


Just so you guys know what is up, the server is currently having some issues,
not sure exactly what. Started off as some attempt of a mass e-mailing script
to gain access or at least rape our mail inboxes, then Sunday in an attempt
to maybe fix things, I shoved a fork in the toaster and the entire place

Bad Santa Lotto


Once again, thanks to all who participated in our Christmas festivities over the Holidays.
Bad Santa seemed to be a success, providing entertainment for us imms for 3 days or so.
So, in light of such entertainment...here is the break down of the lotto: