Halloween approaches


Fall is upon us and Halloween is just around the corner.
There will be several events planned for Halloween that
will give WD a little seasonal flavor and provide some
fun events.

Firstly I want to get all you writers started.
The largest reward for the Halloween events will be
A scary story contest.
Entries can be as long or short as you want.
Entries should be in character.
The winner will be selected based upon whomever writes the SCARIEST story.
The reward for winning is 200ap and a custom bracket.

The Drupal Website - Getting Registered.


If you plan on using the drupal website with any frequency
please hit me up on the mud after you register. Create a user
account with a name that matches your character name, and I will upgrade
your access to the site. Right now anyone can browse the site
anonymously, but only registered users that are set as 'WD Player'
can COMMENT on any of the content.

And we want your comments, so please, register!

-Torog, The King That Drupals

Monthly Town-Hall Meeting Plan


Hello all,

Moving forward, as we've mentioned in the past, we would like to make
things more transparent between the immortal staff and the mortal players
who make up this game. Our community is what makes us different from
other MUDs/games, and is what makes or breaks us.

We are committing to having a monthly town hall to provide status updates
and a better chance for players/immortals to voice opinions, discuss
approach, and explain the status (or problems) with certain things that
might be suggested.

Random Dungeon Project


For the past few months I've been developing something
that the rest of the staff and I had initially placed
on the Undermountain wish list.

What we wanted was a Weekly (or perhaps Daily) Dungeon crawl
that was procedurally generated. That is, the map, mobs, treasures
and other assorted features of the dungeon are created by the
codebase itself.

This would mean new areas could be made not in months, but in minutes.

Rollback for some PFiles Required


Hello all,

It seems at some point earlier today, I made a typo and copied the
builder port pfiles over to the main port.

As such, the only thing I've got right now is the backups of pfiles
from earlier today, and I'm going through them to restore pfiles that
were overwritten by their builder port similar-named versions.

I am deeply sorry for this error, and will be doing the following to
try to ensure that I don't do this again:

Trigger Abuse


It's illegal to try to trip someone's triggers in an effort to draw them out of idling.
Yes, it's also illegal for them to bot. If you think they're botting, tell an imm, don't abuse their triggers in an effort
to be Sherlock Holmes.

Consider this a friendly reminder on the topic. Expect to die horribly if it the subject comes up again anytime soon.

Sune the Mean



The Graveyard has had a SLEW of area flags toggled. Freepk, double some stuff, half others, etc
As you all know Im kinda in and out because of work.
In one weeks time I will check back in to see who has the most kills, most deaths, etc
AND!!!!! I will reward some people based on these quantities!
IF the mud crahses between now and then, SOMEONE find me on FB or hangouts. MANY
people know how to get ahold of me and I will reset the area ( or direct someone on
on how to do so). Have fun and KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES!

Continuing IQ Events: Umber Warrens (update)


(Found carved on a large section of human skin.)

Greetings Surface-Crawling Meatbags.

Some minor changes to the Umber Warrens mini-IQ area:

1. Every pfile can enter the Warrens once in a 12 hour period.

That means yes, you can go through the Warrens, then log an alt
and head right back in if you want.

2. Every pfile now has 40 minutes of time in the Warrens per entry.

May you all Die in Horrible Lingering Pain,

- Torog, The King Who Crawls