In order to promote PK a bit, hogan can now replenish mana.

This is temporary, I remember people having some fun with this before.

Continuing IQ Events: Umber Warrens


Hello everyone!

August 29th an IQ was held that allowed access to a new mini-IQ area
I'm calling the 'Umber Warrens'. All players will have 30 minutes of
access to the area each day, as my own schedule allows.

Why only 30 minutes? And why not just link the area? The mobs within
drop AP at a decent rate, and some items that can be traded within
the IQ map for an interesting item.

Bouncing Baby Boy


After all the results were tallied, I will now reveal the size of my grandbaby!

Lukas was born at 7 pounds 2 ounces, and was 19 inches long!

Both Startigress and Iellwin guessed the length exactly right!
Startigress was closest on the weight with a guess of 7 pounds 6 ounces.

I'll distribute their prizes and consolation prizes to everyone who participated as I see folks!

Thanks for all the congrats and well-wishing! Maybe we'll see Lukas here on Waterdeep in a few years!

Sune the Old

GRP IQ Event: Saturday, August 29th @ 9 PM EST


[ The following was found carved into the back of a corpse
found in Market Square. The rest of the body had been stripped
of all skin. ]

Just a reminder to everyone, the next GRP IQ is this coming
Saturday. To see my original post on it, check the news thread
or here:

Why the second post? I wanted to announce the reward schedule.

Baby Guesses


I haven't forgot about this, I just can't read a calendar now that I'm old and senile.
I meant to have the guess go until NEXT Tuesday!
So if you're coming in late, feel free to still post something.

Sune the Senile

The Bloodline Continues!


Yes, Sune's procreation has procreated herself (make the wrong joke about this and die horribly).

Here's something to have a little fun with the fact that Sune is now a grandpap!

Guess the weight and length of the bouncing baby boy, in Imperial units (none of that metric crap here).
Closest person to each will get some sort of AP prize determined by my joviality and mirth at the moment.
Maybe some extra bonus if anyone guesses either on the nose, and extra extra if someone gets both exactly right!