A sign of change.


Also to get us started on the Birthday celebration I have set up
a sign quest. Enjoy the hunt and good luck. Let's get the party
started and get ready for another great year!

If you figure out all the clues you will find my location.
If you find my location say the secret word that the signs reveal.
I will announce when I have been found. The first person to each
location will find some ap. On your marks, get set, go...

Good Luck -Jergal

Introducing: Jergal


Greetings to all players of Waterdeep.
I have evaluated the rate of death in this world and found
that fewer and fewer of you are dying. I welcome your end.
I value your deaths. It brings me great pain to see less
of you meeting your end. So in an attempt to cause death
I will entertain and you in the best way that I know how.



Many wouldnt notice, however I got a promotion here!
With this comes new responsibilities, and new commands.
And what good are new commands if you cant abuse them once in a while!
Double EXP is on in all areas.
Double Damage is ALSO on in all areas!
Remember that this works BOTH ways, recieved AND given.
Have fun, and Ill plan something a bit more elaborate for tomorrow


New staff: Jergal


Please give a warm welcome to Jergal, our newest imm staff member.
Jergal is here to plan imm quests and events, and we are sure that he
will give you lots of fun activities.

Mielikki, Our Lady of the Forests

End Of Summer Double XP


We're celebrating the end of summer (and kids going back to school)
with double XP turned on in all areas for the weekend. I'll set all
areas back to normal sometime late Sunday night or Monday morning,
depending on what life throws at me.
Mielikki, Our Lady of the Forests

Grand Arena


The GA is now open again.
Sorry for the closure. The only change was the amount of AP that was given
out. So now its as follows:

10 Kills gets you 50 tokens.
Boss kill gets you 50 tokens.

Play it out, see how it goes. If you have any ideas on how to tweak it, by all
means let me know.


Roleplay and ST

I will be doing more RP for ST when I get a chance, for sure. Basically
it is an open forum right now for posting about your own ST-related RP,
if anyone is interested. If you need help, have questions or want to
include me or others in your roles, feel free to let me know/ask and
we can hash it out.