End Of Summer Double XP


We're celebrating the end of summer (and kids going back to school)
with double XP turned on in all areas for the weekend. I'll set all
areas back to normal sometime late Sunday night or Monday morning,
depending on what life throws at me.
Mielikki, Our Lady of the Forests

Grand Arena


The GA is now open again.
Sorry for the closure. The only change was the amount of AP that was given
out. So now its as follows:

10 Kills gets you 50 tokens.
Boss kill gets you 50 tokens.

Play it out, see how it goes. If you have any ideas on how to tweak it, by all
means let me know.


Roleplay and ST

I will be doing more RP for ST when I get a chance, for sure. Basically
it is an open forum right now for posting about your own ST-related RP,
if anyone is interested. If you need help, have questions or want to
include me or others in your roles, feel free to let me know/ask and
we can hash it out.

Publicizing Bugs and Ways to Game the System


I am disappointed that this needs to be explicitly stated, but some
people have no filter. DO NOT publicize methods for gaming the system
(in RP, PK, bugs, mprogs, etc.) . If you find a way to exploit
something in the game, please report it to the staff -- and ONLY the
staff. Players who assist others in exploiting the game will be dealt
with harshly.
Mielikki, Our Lady of the Forests

My Present


In a place often passed,
Is a thing often wanted.

(Don't go out of your way to hunt too hard, it's a very very simple
present that a curious adventurer would find.)