Publicizing Bugs and Ways to Game the System


I am disappointed that this needs to be explicitly stated, but some
people have no filter. DO NOT publicize methods for gaming the system
(in RP, PK, bugs, mprogs, etc.) . If you find a way to exploit
something in the game, please report it to the staff -- and ONLY the
staff. Players who assist others in exploiting the game will be dealt
with harshly.
Mielikki, Our Lady of the Forests

My Present


In a place often passed,
Is a thing often wanted.

(Don't go out of your way to hunt too hard, it's a very very simple
present that a curious adventurer would find.)

THM 2015

First of all, thank you Aeris for setting this up.

Id like to put in a few summaries of what Id like to get discussed.

1. Gladiators
2. Saves
3. PK


Since the stats change, gladiators are now really overpowered. Every gladiator now has 25 dex and str.
This makes them hard to land a dirt kick on them, which is a vital skill for beating them.
This makes dirt kick kind off useless, because it misses alot in PK.