Waterdeep has an on-demand arena available for 1v1 combat, and perodically the staff will open up a free for all arena war for anyone to join. You can watch the combat by going to the Arena Stadium located below the Healing Wound Inn (Jog sed from Westbridge Recall)

General Commands

  • Arena On       : Toggles the arena updates on and allows you to challenge and be challenged.
  • Arena Off       : Toggles the arena updates off and prevents you from participating in arena battles.
  • Arena Info      : Displays arena information such as current participants, who issued the challenge, time remaining until the battle, etc. Also displays the last arena champion.
  • Arena Legend :  Lists the top 25 fighters of Watedeep as well as your position away from the bracket.

One-on-One Arena

  • Arena Challenge <player> : Issues a challenge for someone to battle you in the arena.
  • Arena Accept : Accepts a challenge and begins the countdown to the arena event. 
  • Arena Decline: Declines an arena challenge.
  • Arena Cancel : Cancels an arena challenge you have issued.

Arena Wars

  • Arena Join   : Join an arena war free-for-all event.

Arena Betting

  • Arena Bet <platinum> <player> : Places a wager on a fighter in the arena. Winners receive a share of the prizemoney, split evenly among those who bet on that fighter. Losers lose their entire bet. Once you place a bet, you cannot change it. If no one bets on the opposite fighter, your bet will be returned.