Clan Raids

Clan Raiding is the act of one clan raiding another clan's hall.  All clans have an entrance which is connected to 'The Void' and feature similiar defenses such as clan mazes and guards.  All clans have a safe room which raiders are not allowed to enter. These rooms are the Healing Chambers which features the clan's Healer and Healing Pool.  This room is flagged CLAN_ONLY, which means raidings should not be able via game wise to enter the room.

All halls have an alert system which will alert the clan of an attempted raid via "echoes" upon the death of the guards.  Additional alarms will keep alerting members of raider movement within the halls. Clan Flags are looted during a raid and create an imbalancing effect between the two clans (10% chance of triple hit damage).  For example, if Clan-1 raids and loots Clan-2's flag, then Clan-1 will have the imbalance effect against Clan-2 until they loot a flag from Clan-1.  Also each flag that is looted is counted and can be used towards the purchase of advanced clan hall options.

Raiding Rules

  1. You cannot break into the safe room.
  2. Recall Rooms are the safe rooms, do not attack people in those rooms, and if you can enter those rooms and you are not a member of that clan, please notify the immortals.
  3. Clan Hall Keys are not be kept on your characters, unless you are    a part of that clan.
  4. Clan Raid is for PK players only.
  5. Do not log off in someone else's clan hall, you will be wiped.
  6. Clan Raiding is only to be conducted via 'The Void' entrance.  All halls have a physical entrance in the main world, but it is illegal for another clan to raid via this entrance.