Player Killing (PK)

Player Killing or "PK" is the act of one player attacking another player, which in the game of WaterdeepMUD is optional.

Being a PKiller means you are open to attack from other Pkillers within a +/- 5 level range (Example if you are level 50, then anyone from 45 to 55 can be attacked or attack you).  Joining a clan is not required to become PK.  When you do become PK and are not already in a clan, you will be placed in the Loner Guild.

NOTE: Be warned that ANY PLAYER (PK or NPK) can be attacked/killed in a "FREE PK" area. These are rooms on the MUD flagged "FREEPK" (HELP FREEPK)

WD is currently a "No Loot" MUD, so there is no worry of losing equipment if you die in PK. Also, that means you will not be getting loot from anyone you kill in PK either. HOWEVER, if you are leveling, be warned that dying (in PK or otherwise) gives you an XP Penalty. The penalty value is caculated based on your character's "XP per level" and "XP tnl" (XP Til Next Level). The closer you are to gaining the next level, the higher the penalty is if you die. If you TogglePK and level from 96-101 you will gain 45 extra trains for running the "Gauntlet"

The TOGGLEPK command is used to set your Pk Status. If you wish to remain pure NPK, then do not use this command. If you wish to go PK at any point, use TOGGLEPK (Then TOGGLEPK CONFIRM) and you will be set to PK status within 2 ticks.

There is a 200 tick cooldown between toggling.  If that cooldown is expired and you are PK, if you engage in any PVP you will start a 20 tick timer, preventing you from going NPK.

THERE IS A BONUS FOR GOING PK AND STAYING PK! (aka Pure PK) While you start out NPK, you may toggle PK at any time, but there is a bonus for those people who toggle PK and stay there - a nice bonus of 300 hit points, +3 to your rolls, and -3 to your saves. IF YOU TOGGLE AFTER GETTING THIS BONUS, IT GOES AWAY PERMANENTLY.