Hanse (fgossips) '>.< wow alot of lame on tonight'
Gond (fgossips) '(ooc) great f to miss there Hanse ;)'

You tell Xellos 'i love living in the south. my door is open :)'
Xellos tells you 'bleh, if mine were i'd be a popsicle with perky tits'

An Immortal [Q/A] Asks 'Who wants to die?'
You [Q/A] Answer 'ME!!!'
an immortal's backstab --+- DISINTEGRATES -+-- you! -=2540921=-
You have been KILLED!!

[*OOC*]Epsilon 'Bah! The midget porn I was downloading isn't really midget porn. >:O'

Jayden says [OOC] 'Im so trashey it makes me classy'

[*OOC*]Lillyth 'im still trying to rub it out'

Jayden clans [OOC] 'I need to stop sucking so much ass!'

Vanessa tells you 'sitting here naked eating yogurt can make you feel only so cool'

Viton [Q/A] Asks 'what lvl is ashen wang'

Daemourax tells you 'my life parallels that chick drug dealer on weeds except i dont live in LA, or deal drugs, and im a man'

Emalia clans [OOC] 'I will! I'll whore myself! You know it!'

[*OOC*]Serai 'I like tea-bagging. so hot.'

Feldon (fgossips) '<*|ooc|*> if his balls come swingin in the picture ima leave work right now and drive to Michigan!'

Demosthenes (fgossips) '<ooc - Trav> yeah it was barber shop''
Demosthenes (fgossips) '<ooc - Trav> she hurts me :(''
Demosthenes (fgossips) '<ooc - Trav> when she's doing #2 on me''
Demosthenes (fgossips) '<ooc - Trav> I thought about getting #1 but i rather use that in summer''
Feldon (fgossips) '<*>OoC<*> OMFG thats so quote book!''
Demosthenes (fgossips) '<ooc - Trav> you know what I mean, Epson''
Feldon (fgossips) '<*>OoC<*> OMG i know but i cant stop laughing ROFL''
Demosthenes (fgossips) '<ooc - Trav> no she didnt shit on me''

quote XXXXXXXXXXX tells you 'get this is about darian, Stratos tells you 'i admit hes a dumb fuck ... but useful at times .'

[*OOC*]Rasma 'This one time I was jerkin my gerkin and my mom walks into the room and she says 'is this where you want to be when Jesus comes back?'
Epsilon quotes 'Hmm. If I'm whacking it and Jesus comes back, I've got more problems than just being caught jerking off by the savior. :p'

an immortal tells you 'he blinded venn 3 times? ugh, most people make that mistake once.'

Ehlonna quotes 'help I'm hemhoraging IQ points :P'

[*OOC*]Epsilon 'I'd cut my dick off as long as she promised to use it as a dildo. She was that hot.'

[*OOC*]Nisstyre 'No no...Valsharess was just too quick for the coat hanger'

Serai (fgossips) '[*OOC*] speaking of sweet meat popsicles ima go get me an icecream cone'

Kairi clans [OOC] 'are you drunk enough to be straight yet?'
Serai clans [OOC] 'maybe'

[*OOC*]Arien '[MA] i need somebody to cream my behind :('

Epson (fgossips) '>>>OoC<<< Listen here you cocky lil Asian wanker! If i wanted any lipfrom you id scrape it off Stratos' DICK! o.O'

[*OOC*]Manheim 'man my english is fuckin excellent your australian englished is fucked!'

[*OOC*]Jushica 'cockmeat sandwiches are the best'

[ FATALITY ] Kord has been slain by Fenmarel in Westbridge at Temple of PK

[*OOC*]Afura 'oh no the prairie dog almost left the burrow on that cough'
[*OOC*]Fhantom 'silence is the game turtle is your shroud of gown'
[*OOC*]Maezura 'Why Fhantom so silent now?'
You OOC 'Thanks! And dunno! :D'
[*OOC*]Quintus 'He's silent all the time. At least, for me he is.' [*OOC*]Maezura 'Shouldn't he be saying something like "Claire appearing into all, but still all to know, the roosters are emerging, greetings of name day!"' [*OOC*]Maezura 'or something equally random' [*OOC*]Fhantom 'gaha'
XXXXXXX clans [OOC] 'so I hear CoN are trying to get a builder to change their CH into 1 big room, with 90 computers and 1 bathroom... XXXXXXXXX clans [OOC] 'so they feel more at home...'

XXXXXXXXXXX tells you 'get this is about darian, Stratos tells you 'i admit hes a dumb fuck ... but useful at times .'

Tagnikzur (fgossips) '(ooc) one thing i know that'll get cum taste out of your mouth though (quote that and i'll come kill you)'

[*OOC*]Epsilon 'That's a hell of a good deal - assuming it doesn't taste like I'm sucking it straight out of a cow.'

[*OOC*]Relic 'You know what my specialty is? Weiners.'

[*OOC*]Epsilon 'She's 8? Even better. No hair in the teeth.'

[*OOC*]Gond 'And I like to kiss all the boys!'

[*OOC*]Epsilon 'You know, because you can have my ass if you want it. I'll take it where I can get it, frankly.'

Epsilon tells you 'Well, since I couldn't get you to give me a blowjob, I never drank pineapple juice. ;p'

[*OOC*]Nisstyre 'mayo in a hotdog bun feels good'

[Waterdeep Announcement] A new Pontiac Sunbird has been posted.

[*OOC*]Hellstrom 'yeah im a big fan of vaganus'

[*OOC*]Jessiah 'I dunno about you, but if a chick stuck her finger up my ass I'd fucking freak :P'

[*OOC*]Jessiah 'Biggo and Serai.. now THAT would be an interesting couple'

[*OOC*]Glauss 'i'm a man who's trapped in a womans body who's trapped in a mans body'

[*OOC*]Serai '[MA] Im a man who gets mistaken for a woman all the time'

[*OOC*]Jak 'wrap yourself up and give him a blowjob and say it was from me.'

Arena Update: Gackt has slain Butterscotchiesooperpooperscooper in the arena!

[*OOC*]Diablos 'emote unzips his pants and slowly moves his cock towards Michelle's lips.'
[*OOC*]Diablos 'oh shit mischan'

Arena Update: Nisstyre has slain Baby Jesus in the arena!

[*OOC*]Nisstyre 'yeah well unlike most people on this mud, I'm the one you need to worry about'
[*OOC*]Trym 'And your a big ol cuddly teddy bear.'
[*OOC*](The Voice from Above) 'no, I'm mushroom cloud laying mother fucker'

[*OOC*]Epsilon 'Chibi Sue is funny, and the pervy old man is -so- me. Without the bondage and anal sex.'

[*OOC*]Syth 'the only way you got lar on a cam was because he thought you were a boy'

Gond says [OOC] 'I'm whacking me mole and stroking me lucky charms'

Kairi tells you 'i like to fuck with assholes too!'

An immortal [Q/A] Answers 'but I did read it, which is the main point'
Stryder [Q/A] Answers 'you sound so "tyr"ish'
Nisstyre [Q/A] Answers 'yeah well fuck Tyr'

[*OOC*]Merlyn '*sigh* i feel like crawling under the sheets and shit my pants.'

[*OOC*]Leroy 'just drop a hot growler right on Orn's chest'

[*OOC*]Kirdan 'so I hook the AC up in her room now, and she stops sleeping naked cause its cold........'
[*OOC*]Kirdan 'woops, wrong chan'

Demosthenes clans [OOC] 'wine.. mmm gonna learn how to make a wine'
Jayden clans [OOC] 'Beer...I leanered how to buy it at the store quite some time ago'
Jayden clans [OOC] 'Been a pro ever since'

[*OOC*]Sune 'Well, they're only fucking themselves in the ass.'
[*OOC*]Leroy 'well you know how that goes'

[*OOC*]Gojira 'every pussy should come equipped with some msg'

[*OOC*]Epsilon 'I just installed Windows 8. I think I'd feel less dirty if I sucked a whole mess o' cock.'

Vorcet clans [OOC] 'Im mildly retarded -_-'

Vorcet: come on now. we ALL know how good I am at juggling rod

Tenchi clans [OOC] 'yay, i want to hug the taint'

[*OOC*]Nisstyre 'And tell your Mom to work on her fucking aim with that coat hanger, cause she obviously got the scrambled brains part right'

[*OOC*]Belldandy 'omg... you could fill that stuff into a horses buttcrack I'd still consider licking it up'

Rowina (qgossips) 'Well that's good, i hate it when i die with a mouth full of cock'

[ FATALITY ] Monday has been slain by Vorcet in Mud School at Welcome to Waterdeep