What it is

Roleplaying allows your character to become a fully fleshed out individual instead of just a mannequin to wear your phat lewtz. Through roleplaying you can explore the full scope of your character's individual story or even contribute to the story of the MUD as a whole. Whether it's through participating in global roleplay events, posting roleplay notes to the roleplay board, or smaller scale live roleplay sessions, there is a rich world of possibilities to explore.

How to get started

We have several Roleplay Teachers (RPT)s who would love to help you get started down the path of roleplaying. Please refer to the list of RPTs below, or to see RPTs that are online, type "who rpt" in game. Feel free to reach out to any of them through a note in game and they will contact you with further information. You may also peruse "help roleplay" in game for additional information.

Current RPTs

  • Orn
  • Ror
  • Sanria
  • Zeltor

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