Enhanced Combat

  • Weapon speed - a bashing maul should be slower than, say, a rapier. # attacks should be a factor.
  • Location hits - where did the hit land? Head, limb, torso, etc. .. Could affect next few attacks. Stun to head could be different than stun to legs or torso.
  • Weapon and Armor weight - could affect HR or dodge chances? Different combat gear 'builds' speed vs. Dam reduction?
  • Movement points used for Combat skills - make them useful.
  • Special skills to try to target body parts, refresh movement, reduce armor weight
  • Different skills have different movement costs.
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Valthonis's picture

I think something like this has the potential for fun, but can also be really bad if not done well and maintained.

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We would have to test any new combat code.

What I can't stand right now is the fact that the best gear for all classes is basically the same.

You see some mana gear that favor casters. But most of the time the best gear is whatever gives best hr and Dr.

Wouldn't it be nice to see various gear builds for different styles of fighting?

A build for tanking, one for speed and number of attacks, one for max damage, etc. One for minimizing spell disruption, one for max mama, or speed casting?

I think that would make combat a lot more interesting.