Movement Upgrades

  • Allow terrain and sector type to matter more, to affect the amount of movement points used. It should be harder to move up or down a a mountain than to walk down a city street.
  • This would allow for more skill specializations to reduce the movement cost, or gain other advantages. Ex: a merc specializing in urban combat, or a strider specializing in desert combat.
  • Diving, Climbing, Crawling, Jumping, Swimming, Waterbreathing, Brachiation -- more movement types from room to room, requiring the needed skill. Falling damage? Drowning damage? Downside, would make building more complicated.
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Valthonis's picture

Would be neat to need to have skills to traverse certain dungeon obstacles.  Or be able to avoid a mob because you dove past it. Or climbed above it.

I'm not a fan of these being for "everyday" walking use.

A lich climbing through the room on the ceiling would also be awesome. And sexy... 


Torog's picture

I just was wracking my brain for some way of making terrain matter. Someone raised a valid concern that NOT having the proper skill high enough (climbing, for example) could make some areas very annoying (or even impossible) for some players -- so that would have to be avoided.

As for dungeons -- a 'Trap Avoidance' skill would be nice. The trap springs on everyone else, but not the player that has that ability -- or they have a chance to disarm it before it hits others? Then I could see rogue players in dungeons moving ahead of the group, detecting, disarming, etc. Maybe some traps couldn't be disarmed -- but the rogue could still avoid, find and open a safer path for others.

Also, brachiating. (Tarzan yell)