PlayerHousing Upgrade

  • Player property system with less interaction required by immortals.
  • Better reporting of who owns what, and where.
  • Players can build their own mobs.
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Could we also add more options like eds!? :) And up the price on Player housing, with the way platinum is, no reason not to at least double or triple prices.

I want bunnies in my phouse I want to be able to make them without waiting 5000 years for Vorcet to clear the 10000 things 

on his plate so he can build me a bunny.  With the vast increase in vnum availability can basic mob building be added to the

commands available to phouses?

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And puppies! And... wait wait I'm an evil succubus... Imps! And hell hound pups... and giant two headed fire breathing kittens!

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Not sure how that would be implemented - maybe various stock mobs of varying abilities that can be restrung? At any rate, added to the wish content.