• Hunting - bait/trap system, tickdown timer produces mob spawn, which would require killing mob and chance of pelt or alchemical drops.
    Hunting would require determining which combination of time, location and bait yields the best chance for a rare animal spawn.
  • Alchemy (potions, poisons) = decanter + ingredients + tickdown timer = discoverable recipe result.
    Would require various components to produce basic ingredients, which could be found by mob drops.
    • Would require more interesting and challenging affects for better poisons and buffups.
    • Perhaps have buffups that are much stronger, but have very short durations?
  • Lumber - produces wood planks and logs. Requires fighting off mobs during tickdown timer.
  • Mining - produces ores, materia, crafter would be required to fight off mobs while waiting for tickdown timer to produce ore.
    Could produce ingots by mixing ores to produce alloys. Alloys could be used for Smithing skill.
  • Smithing - use ingots, woods to produce basic weapons of increasing power.
  • Cooking - ingredients + tickdown timer = prepared food / discoverable recipes.
  • Fishing - find good spots to fish, find exotic fish, various types of rods, bait - countdown timer to see what is 'caught' - random mob spawn is a possibility.
  • Materia System - could require 'powering' of materia by killing mobs and 'capturing' essence into 'materia' gems. Chance that materia is overpowered, shatters, chance that it becomes fully charged, to be used in Smithing - socketing of materia sphere into weapons for various (discoverable) effects. Various qualities of materia - Shoddy to Legendary - Legendary materia is harder to fully charge, but confers greater status bonuses when socketed.
  • Breaking down items for components
    Some component items could ONLY be gained by breaking down the correct items.
    A way to recoup some of failed crafting attempts?
  • A working market system for buying, selling components.
    It should be possible to buy ingredients in the event no one is harvesting those items.
  • Would require coding a tickdown timer system.
  • Would require a recipe system for people to suss out what combines with what.
  • Perhaps success rate is slightly affected by stellar configurations (the stars are right) - gives miniscule improvement chance, but if working with high-value components, could be a variable worth exploiting.
  • Would crafting be a job class unto itself?
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