New Logo and Discord

waterdeep logo

We are in the process of designing a new logo for Waterdeep & would love input from the community!
Anyone that submits artwork will receive 200 DUMA which is a new social currency that we will use to reward people for playing and contributing to Waterdeep!

The First contest is a the Logo Contest:

February Ubtao Auction House - Week 4

Hello Waterdeep,

We have something different and exciting for this week, I present to
you "Whats in the pack?" suprise auction. Of course I want to give you
some sense of items, not like the loot crates of other games! but it
will be great for everyone.

[...MG..] A Bag of Holding Practice Potions - 15, 30, 90 points?!
Minimum bid: 25,000 Platinum

[...MG..] a Backpack of Holding Realms - All the items to craft, 1-5 times!
Minimum bid: 100,000 Platinum

Valentines Day Auction Week

Hello Waterdeep,

For the second auction of February I wanted to do somthing special so
feast your eyes on the items below!

A T-Shirt of Divine +2+2 Weapon or Lance Enchant

A T-Shirt of Divine EQ Upgrade

The starting bid on these items will be 500,000 Platinum! or 5000 AP.
You will only be aloud to bid on one item at a time, similar to the
immortal platinum auction. The auction will run until next Saturday at
12:00 WDST so make sure to keep an eye out as i'm sure these will be
in hot demand!

Waterdeep Auctions


Starting in February we will be hosting weekly auctions on different sorts of items rare and new. We will have a 10,000 platinum minimum bid with the option to use Adventurer Points at 1 AP per 100 Platinum. The auctions will start each Saturday and run one week, completing at 12:00 WDST the following Saturday. The auction will be handled by Ubtao through a series of commands, tell ubtao auction help for more information.


New Arcanes!

[349] Jergal: [Version 2.31.3 (harder-than-killer)]
Wed Sep  5 13:12:34 2018
To: all
The new update brough some fixes and fixed globals. If
you check you will see we have nearly doubled the arcane
spells. The description of each new arcane is listed in
that file. The new arcanes are Lich specific and will
require a Necronomicon to cast.

*Run Flag - Run flag was crashing us, removed for now
*OP Items - Several OP items owners now have smelly pots instead
*Arcane   - New set of Arcanes for Liches!

Waterdeep Birthday HPK Changes!

Happy 21st Birthday Waterdeep.

This year we have some big changes!

Waterdeep [Version 2.31.0 (harder-than-killer)] [Aug 19 2018 10:50:48]

* Default group gain should remove included groups
* Grand Arena should no longer have negative time
* Pets can now enter owned rooms
* Config summon should prevent summoning again
* Metor Swarm curve adjusted in favor of more rocks

* Hardcore player killing is in!
To join you have to reroll with "reroll hardcore"

June Build Changes

June has been a very productive month.

I want to extend a big THANK YOU to Finder

and Azuth for all the hard work they have put in

learning and building some long overdue updates.


Finder has been helping with the area expansion project.

*Sworddancer - Georn the Blacksmith

*Shadowdale - Tulba the Weaver


Both mobs have much better clues and new features.

Upgrade a Chromatic to a Prismatic!

Chance at AP for crafting.

These updates are live.