The Dreaming is an area that contains three run like areas for three different level ranges.

Fantasy is for levels 1-50,

Flashback is for levels 51-95

Abstract is for heroes only.

Fantasy and Flashback are repeatable multiple times per reboot while Abstract is performable once per reboot.

Entering any area that you are not in the listed range for will result in you being transfered to a no_recall room with blindness, entangle and plague cast on you as well as a sizable amount of damage.

Dreamstones and Spheres

These items are obtained via sleeping in certain locations around the realms.

The two most popular are Backstreet Billiards in Torregiano and The Temple of the Morning Lord (also known as "the cots") in Myth Drannor.

While sleeping in these rooms, occasionally a mob will wake you up and give you a dreamstone or sphere.

Dreamstones are used as portals into The Dreaming area. There are four types of dreamstones: dreamstone (minor), dreamstone, dreamstone (major) and dreamstone (perfect).

The minor dreamstone has a single use, the regular dreamstone has two uses, the major dreamstone has three uses and the perfect dreamstone has five uses.

Spheres are used to gain access to each portion of The Dreaming area. There are three types of spheres: Fantasy Sphere, Flashback Sphere and Abstract Sphere.

When given to a spectre inside The Dreaming, it will give you a key to access the respective section of the area.


This area is designed to be faced with a small group of people, preferably one Strider and one Mercenary.

The Strider is necessary to cure blindness and while they can solo the area, it will go quicker with the Mercenary's added damage.

Bring plenty of healing potions. The Strider will have to recall to heal mana as the mobs will energy drain often.

The area is built as a long rectangle with four small segments branching off of it. The hallways are filled with childhood boogeymen and childhood fantasies, both die with relative ease.

At the end of each segment are boss mobs that hold a piece of fantasy gear.

Flashback Sphere

Similar to the Fantasy section. Will be filled in once someone who has completed it can give more detail.

Abstract Sphere

    • Suggested group: Gladiator/Strider tank, healer and at least two melee

This area is built differently from Fantasy and Flashback. It starts with a long hallway with portals in it.

Only one portal will lead to the next portion of Abstract, so it is advisable to have a summoner stay behind while someone tests each portal to identify the correct one.

At the end of the run are three mobs: Hopskip, Slimey and Queeny. These mobs hit hard and should be taken down one at a time.

Beyond these three is the Abstract Dreaming mob, the final boss. This mob will engage the healer so they should be following the tank to be grouped and rescued when necessary.

After the Dreaming mob is a set of six chests, each containing a different reward. The most desirable item is the Wand of Unparalleled Protection. The rest are varying potions and scrolls.