Roles and Responsibilities

Pure combat class, excelling at tanking and dealing damage.

Key skills/spells

    • Bash: lets you slam into enemy target, giving you a chance to stun the target if you have the stun skill and can interfere with spell casting

    • Berserk: consumes some mana which is otherwise useless for Gladiators, giving the character more hitroll, more damroll and less armor protection while providing a small amount of healing

    • Counter: turns an enemy's physical attack against themselves, dealing damage in the form of the Gladiator's primary weapon

    • Deathtouch: massive single hit damage skill used when the target is at or under 15% of total life

    • Dirt kick: blinds the target for one tick and can be removed with the rub skill

    • Rescue: removes target group member from combat and makes the user "tank" whoever the group member was fighting

    • Rub: only class able to use this skill while in combat, used to remove dirt kick and gouge affects

    • Stun: passive skill that has a chance to land on a successful bash, rendering the target incapable of action for 1-3 combat rounds

    • Rush: An opening attack that has two parts. If targetted it acts similar to traditional backstab but is always "bash" type damage regardless of weapon. If untargetted it is an AoE similar to Creeping Doom. It also has a chance to stun all targets. This skill requires that the user be Berserked.

Creation guide for glads

    • For lowest exp, gaining only what is necessary.

        • Dagger, Berserk, Dirt Kicking, Enhanced Damage, Parry, Rub, Bash, Kick, Rescue

        • Stun, Hotswap, Rush, Counter, Dodge, Grip, Third Attack, Fourth Attack

        • Fifth Attack, Sixth Attack, Seventh Attack,

Group CP Group CP Group CP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gladiator default 40 weaponsmaster 20 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill CP Skill CP Skill CP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- axe 2 dagger 1 flail 2 mace 1 polearm 2 shield block 1 spear 1 whip 3 bash 1 counter 1 berserk 1 dirt kicking 3 disarm 2 dodge 5 enhanced damage 2 envenom 5 grip 1 hand to hand 1 kick 2 lance 2 parry 3 rescue 3 trip 7 rub 3 stun 2 third attack 3 fourth attack 3 fifth attack 3 sixth attack 3 seventh attack 3 hotswap 2 butcher 2 fast healing 3 hide 5 sneak 5 swim 1 rush 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creation Points : 0 Experience per Level : 900 You already have the following skills: Level Skill % Skill % ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1: sword n/a dual wield n/a scrolls n/a staves n/a wands n/a recall n/a 6: second attack n/a 101: dtouch n/a ----------------------------------------------------------------- +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Creation Points : 96 Experience per Level : 6480

skills: Level Skill % Skill % ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1: axe 1% dagger 1% flail 1% mace 1% polearm 1% shield block 1% spear 1% sword 40% whip 1% bash 1% dirt kicking 1% dual wield 1% enhanced damage 1% parry 1% rescue 1% fast healing 1% scrolls 1% staves 1% swim 1% wands 1% recall 50% 2: kick n/a 5: sneak n/a 6: second attack n/a 8: disarm n/a hand to hand n/a lance n/a third attack n/a butcher n/a hide n/a 9: dodge n/a 10: grip n/a 12: trip n/a 17: berserk n/a 23: stun n/a 30: rush n/a 32: counter n/a 55: fourth attack n/a 56: hotswap n/a 70: fifth attack n/a 77: sixth attack n/a 80: envenom n/a rub n/a 85: seventh attack n/a 101: dtouch n/a ----------------------------------------------------------------- spells:

You know no spells.

+------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Level Skill Description | +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 1 bash Slam into your opponent and knock them off balance. *1 | | 1 dual wield An automatic attack using your off-hand weapon each round.| | 1 rescue Remove an ally from combat and take damage for them. | | *2 attack Gladiators receive up to 7 base melee attacks each around.| | 17 berserk Go into a rage state and sacrifice defense for offense. | | 23 stun Disable your opponent for 1-4 rounds of combat. *1 | | 30 rush Target one opponent or all with an explosive opener. | | 32 counter Catch your opponent mid-attack & turn it back on them. | | 80 rub Gladiators can clear the dirt from their eyes in combat.*3| | 101 dtouch Deal a devastatingly deadly blow to a very weak opponent. | +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ *1 when using the skill bash, the skill stun has a chance to hit *2 second (6), third (8), fourth (55), fifth (70), sixth (77), seventh (85) *3 primarily a player-killer skill that counteracts dirt kick's blindness effect Don't forget to read the help files for each skill above for more details! First tier class: Warrior Stat bonus: +2 strength beyond racial maximum Spell groups: none Default weapon skill: sword Gladiators are the embodiment of physical battle. Trained to be able to use all forms of physical weaponry, they are able to counter attacks as well as dish out up to seven attacks. They have even learned the art of pressure points and can perform a deadly touch upon the enemy when they have been weakened enough.