> air_comm

> comm_affects

> comm_afk

> comm_alias

> comm_arcane

> comm_auto

> comm_bhit

> comm_bounty

> comm_brandish

> comm_brief

> comm_bslap

> comm_bug

> comm_buylist

> comm_cast

> comm_catchup

> comm_channel

> comm_class

> comm_color

> comm_compare

> comm_consider

> comm_count

> comm_credits

> comm_deaf

> comm_deforce

> comm_defunct

> comm_delete

> comm_desc

> comm_directions

> comm_donate

> comm_drag

> comm_eatfill

> comm_email

> comm_emote

> comm_enter

> comm_eqinv

> comm_ethos

> comm_examine

> comm_exits

> comm_finger

> comm_flee

> comm_follow

> comm_forget

> comm_friend

> comm_gain

> comm_getgiveput

> comm_help

> comm_helpsearch

> comm_hold

> comm_info

> comm_insult

> comm_iquest

> comm_jog

> comm_kill

> comm_long

> comm_map

> comm_meeting

> comm_member

> comm_mock

> comm_motd

> comm_mount

> comm_note

> comm_note2

> comm_openlock

> comm_order

> comm_pack

> comm_password

> comm_pklegend

> comm_pklogs

> comm_pkscore

> comm_pkstats

> comm_play

> comm_practice

> comm_prompt

> comm_quaff

> comm_quiet

> comm_quitsave

> comm_relieve

> comm_reroll

> comm_restring

> comm_rulelist

> comm_sacrifice

> comm_scan

> comm_score

> comm_scroll

> comm_sleepstand

> comm_sound

> comm_split

> comm_title

> comm_togglepk

> comm_trait

> comm_version

> comm_visible

> comm_wallet

> comm_wba

> comm_weather

> comm_where

> comm_who

> comm_wholeg

> comm_wimpy

> comm_wizhelp

> comm_wiznet

> comm_xemote

> comm_zap

> quest_complete

> spellgroup_combat

affects afk agossip alias allies answer

antianticancelarcane areas arena ask auction

auto backstab balance bardsong bash battle

bearstomp berserk bhit bid bitch blacklist

bounty bpack brandish bslap bug butcher

buy cast catchup cdonate cgooc cgossip

changes channels chat circle clan clanrank

class_ clead cleave clooc close clpk

color commands compare concentrationconfig consider

count credits curse deaf deforce deletedelete

deposit description dice dimmak dirt disarm

dismount donate drag drink drive drop

dtouch eat email emote enter envenom

equipment ethos examine exits feed fill

finger flee follow forget forum friends

gain get give global gossip gouge

grats group groups gtell heal help

hide hold idea info insult inventory

iqreward iquest kick kill leech list

localrecall lock look lore loudspeaker machat

map market meeting member mgossip mock

moneytransfermotd mount move murder music

necroticstrikenews note oldarea ooc open

order outfit outlaw pack password peek

penalty pick pklegend pklogs pkscore pkstats

play pmote pose pour practice pray

prompt psycho punch put qgossip quaff

quest quiet quit quote read recall

recite relieve remember remove repent replay

reply report reroll rest restring rolenews

roleplay roleplayer roundhouse rp rub rules

rush sacrifice save say sayooc scan

score scroll second sell shout sit

skills sleep slots sneak socials sound

spells split stand steal story strike

swim switch take tell time title

togglepk toppilot track train trait trip

typo unalias unlist unlock unread unrip

uppercut value version visible voodoo wake

wallet wba wear weather weddings where

who whois wield wimpy withdraw wizhelp

wizlist wiznet worth xemote yell zap



| WaterdeepMUD Help File Library | 01/31/13


[ General Help ]-----------------------------------------------------------


HELP Channels : In Game Communications.

Immortal : How to contact immortals and our Rule & Punishment System.

Misc : Good things to know that don't fit elsewhere

MortAdmin : Mortals who are assigned to help players for the immortals.

Newbie : Directions to your Training & Practice guilds.

Note : How to use our Note Board System to post messages.

PK : Player Killing and how it works here.

Projects : Current projects in and under development on WaterdeepMUD.

Rules : The Rules & Regulations of WD, required to be read once.

[ Character Help ]-----------------------------------------------------------


HELP Class : Command to see spell groups and what classes gets them.

Classes : Our classes which includes important skills to get.

Races : Our races which includes base & max stats.

Skills : Details on Skills, how to use and what classes get them.

Spells : Details on Spells, how to use and what classes get them.

Stats : The core statistics that affect player characters.

Traits : Setting your character trait information.

[ Roleplaying Help ]-----------------------------------------------------------


HELP Roleplay : All about the roleplaying world of WaterdeepMUD in detail.

RPT : Information on roleplay teachers and how to find them.

Clans : The Clan Guilds of Waterdeep and their info about them.

Religion : The Gods and Goddesses of the realms, both active and none.

[ Entertainment ]-----------------------------------------------------------


HELP Airship : How to purchase, customize and own your own airship.

Arena : Our Automated Arena System and how to use it.

Bounty : How to place a bounty on someone's head.

Jobs : Our Cargo Job System, used to earn money with airships.

Lockers : Optional Mass Item Storage Bins (not required to save eq).

Property : How to purchase & construct your own home.

Quest : Our Automated Questing System and how to use it.

Runs : Challenging areas with high-class rewards.

Slots : How to use our Slot Machines.

Wanted : Law Zones, the laws and what happens when you break them.

[ Search Engines ]-----------------------------------------------------------


HELPSEARCH (Keywords) : Use keywords to find specific help files.

RULELIST SEARCH (Keywords) : Use keywords to find specific rules.

[ WaterdeepMUD Online ]--------------------------------------------------------


* Area Directions * Class Info * Citizens List

* Equipment Details * Levelling Guide * Race Info

* Roleplaying Details * Spell Info or

Unofficial Player Wiki:


File Created: 10/24/09, Updated 01/31/13 - Luthic

The Skills of Waterdeep


[Help Backstab] Backstab Leech [Help Leech]

[Help Bash] Bash Lore [Help Lore]

[Help Berserk] Berserk Meditation [Help Meditation]

[Help Butcher] Butcher Parry [Help Parry]

[Help Circle] Circle Peek [Help Peek]

[Help Cleave] Cleave Pick [Help Pick]

[Help Counter] Counter Recall [Help Recall]

[Help Dodge] Dodge Rescue [Help Rescue]

[Help Dirt-Kick] Dirt Kick Rub [Help Rub]

[Help Disarm] Disarm Scrolls [Help Scrolls]

[Help DTouch] DTouch Second Attack [Help Second-Attack]

[Help Dual-Wield] Dual Wield Seventh Attack [Help Seventh-Attack]

[Help Enhanced-Damage] Enhanced Damage Shield Block [Help Shield-Block]

[Help Envenom] Envenom Sixth Attack [Help Sixth-Attack]

[Help Fast-Healing] Fast Healing Sneak [Help Sneak]

[Help Feed] Feed Staves [Help Staves]

[Help Fifth-Attack] Fifth Attack Steal [Help Steal]

[Help Fourth-Attack] Fourth Attack Strike [Help Strike]

[Help Gouge] Gouge Stun [Help Stun]

[Help Grip] Grip Swim [Help Swim]

[Help Haggle] Haggle Third Attack [Help Third-Attack]

[Help Hand-to-Hand] Hand to Hand Track [Help Track]

[Help Hide] Hide Trip [Help Trip]

[Help Hotswap] Hotswap Wands [Help Wands]

[Help Kick] Kick