Area Quests

The following is A set of basic instructions and tips for each area quest. These will not be all inclusive as most steps in these quests are self explanatory.

There are however places where one can get stuck and without help from another player, stay that way for some time.

This is a VERY simple item find intended for low level players and as an introduction to the area quest system.


Crater of New Ofcol

This is a long multi part area quest that takes you to several areas around the mud. You begin by needing the book and chalice that is obtained from the Hero level Run "Crypt of Despair".

The two points of interest here are that you should be visible for every step of the Area quest and the methods for obtaining the required food items for the recipe.

The Mushrooms being one of the hardest items to find comes from the underdark from a drow shopkeeper.

You can buy them straight from the vendor if your character is a drow. If not a drow, then an mprog will activate upon leaving the shop offering to sell you one at a ridiculous price.

The others are simple. locate the object with the locate spell and scrye or have a friend scrye the mob that carries it.

Makou City

Everything in this area quest is self explanatory with the exception of one point.

To get to the version of Old Thalos needed to get one of the parts, you must go to Elemental Canyon and type "local" This is the only way to get there.

New Thalos

This is self explanatory, however it must be completed or at least assisted by a hero as the mob that needs killing is difficult.

ensure Hao-Keth is blind and get the key he drops. This will reward you with Bandit boots. They are once per reboot and are excellent starter caster boots.


There are several points of interest here.

    • To get to the mother to start the quest you must go through the westbridge graveyard and catacombs beneath. This is a maze but has a predictable path.

    • Always look for the key words in the progs that are highlighted and ensure that you say them to get the most information you can.

    • You MUST be visible to get the mobs to respond to you. And the quantity of gold to give the Minotaurs is 100 gold. NOT Platinum

    • The crown IS a % drop. As is the hammer. Do not be surprised if you don't get it on a trip.

    • To sink into the blood river, you MUST be visible and keep the crown in your bag.

    • This is repeatable in order to obtain multiples of the bracelets that are part of the reward for this quest. However, the quest points are only able to be obtained once.

    • You may only complete this area quest as a leveler.


Self explanatory. Recommend being hero as the mob is tough otherwise.


Self Explainatory.

Candlekeep Catacombs

This while technically an area quest, differs from the others in that the quest itself ends in a hero run. The sequence that opens the run IS the area quest.

To complete the quest and get your reward, simply bring Venn's ashes to Clarenious after completing the hero run.

Ruins of Tru

Given that Quija does not yet have a hint to begin this area quest, you must go to the ruins of Tru and there will be a mob in the Northwest market area that will respond to the word "daughter".