There are 4 major Do not miss Holidays:

1. Festival of the Two moons

2. Invasion week

3. Waterdeep's Birthday

4. Waterstock

Waterdeep's Holiday Schedule

Festival of the Single Moon Feb 19th (LEVELER)

This event is a celebration of Chinese new year and is a lever specialized event.

The theme is rebirth and the start of the new lunar year. The rewards will be AP and practices. There may also be racial RP events.

Chinese new years

  • celebrate new lunar calender

  • special holiday themed events

  • leveling events

  • pracs as rewards

March of Spring - March 21st (LEVELER SEASON)

This event is to celebrate the coming of Spring to the world.

The even will promote learning and growing as a player and as a team. Event will be egg themed and feature mobs such as the Easter Bunny and AP egg hunts.

  • egg themed holiday

  • about helping newbies and promoting learning and growing

  • small events

Festival of the Two Moons - April 20th (ADVENTURE)

This is the first major event of the year and is account celebration of Waterdeep's longevity and progress through the years.

Festival area will be open, Double XP will be in select areas and there will be Large mob placement as well as special festival badges and the Platinum Auction. Trivia as well as a general good time can be expected.

  • item seek

  • sign quest

  • Trivia

  • Large mob placement

Burn of Summer - June 21 (SEASON)

The start of summer is an important time, schools let out the weather gets nicer and things heat up.

This even is a leveller specialized event and will reward participants based on the speed in which they level a brand new character. Any seasonal character created for this event will be given special access to fire themed healing and mana potions. These potions will only be available this time of the year.

    • leveler based even

    • fastest leveler

    • rewards are fire token used to purchase special fire healing pots and mana pots

    • fire themed

Invasion Week - week of July 4th (RP, ADVENTURE)

This is the second major event of the year.

Invasion week will be a week long RP event that will require a large group of people to pick a side. Depending on the winner of the event may impact the RP of invaded area. This is your chance to join a campaign larger than and one person, clan, or time zone. There may also be special mobs and reward for Independence and and Invasion day (Canada). The Cieth tower of Proving may be opened in addition to the attack and defense invasion quest.

Independance Day and Invasion day canada

  • celebrate our country

  • Cieth tower

  • RP invasion

  • Defense based IQ

Waterdeep Birthday - Aug 19th (ARENA)

Waterdeep was born August 19th 1997.

On Waterdeep's birthday we determine the Best of the mud. The strongest characters fight in the Arena for prizes and glory. Prizes are awarded for best of each class as well as a series of best of voting. Vote for Best clan leader, best pker, among many other awards. All prizes are customized for winners. The Best of The Best will pit the best fighters of each class against each other for the crown. Will you be The Best of the Best?

  • Best of Voting

  • Best of Class competition

  • Best of the Best

Crest of the Fall - Sept 21st (SEASON)

This event coincides with the fall solstice.

As summer dies down the leaves change and so does the weather. The fall event will have special leaf themed events as well as treant mobs. The event may have wooden armor and weapons that are only available during this event.

    • leaf based even

    • treant mobs

    • special wooden weapons / armor

Halloween - Oct 31 (RP)

The spirit of halloween emerges.

The Halloween style and theme may penetrate the runs as special version of mobs get a holiday face lift. Participants can expect to find special RP costumes and an abundance of candy. To accompany the scary feeling we will host a scary story contest. Dont forget about pumpkin picking and the opening of the Rotten Jack pumpkin patch!

    • themed mobs

  • scary stories

  • Rotten Jack

Winters Embrace - Dec 21st (SEASON)

The snow and winter themed holiday will kick off the end of the year spectacular.

The event may feature Secret Santa gift giving opportunity. Players will be surrounded with snowmen, snow balls, and the start of the Christmas season. Quest targets may receive holiday updates. A special snow themed area quest may be available from the start of this season to the end of the year.

    • Snow themed holiday

    • Krumpus

    • secret santa

Christmas - Dec 25th (ADVENTURE, RP)

This even is the culmination of the holiday spirit.

The Big Red Monkey Man himself will come down and figure out who was naughty or nice this year. Secret santa gifts will be distributed to all participants. There will be present hunts lights and special food. Come celebrate the tree and Santa with us for special winter Christmas themed events.

  • Santa clause put out at night

  • present hunt during day

Waterstock Dec 31st (PK)

This event is the grand daddy of PK events.

Depending on the number of participants there are several event styles. Clans can participate in a DOA sanctioned events, Clans can fight in the black dessert, or mass arena. Both pk and npk clans will have a chance at earning clan points. The clan points will allow purchase of special bonuses for your clan that can only be purchased using Waterstock points. Such as Rewards range from adding to the base stats of your clan symbol, eqlockers, additional maze traps, pets, mounts, or portals. Make sure you show up and support your clan.

  • clan vs clan

  • Dead on Arrival special event

    • Black Desert special events

    • Mass Arenas

  • special clan bonus