Firewyrm Leggings (cured)

    • uncured Firewyrm leggings (see below)

    • Gigas Armlet (from Northern Crater, Gigas mob)

    • Chainmail Leggings of Despair (Crypt of Despair hero run)

    • Amulet of Destiny (quest reward from Quija)

    • a flickering dragonscale helm (Darrowmere, five headed dragon)

    • Death Lilly (Castle Black, dead tree)

Using a Priest and a Mercenary, find Lord Morrolan in Castle Black. Attack him and he will summon a fire wyrm to assist him. Get the two items the wyrm drops and a death lily from the gardens in the south of the area. Make the leggings within Castle Black. Bring the ingredients 2n2eu of New Thalos local recall. Give the items to the receptionist and kiss her. She will give you the cured leggings.

also 2x 5ap

Ghost Cap

    • uncured Cap (fresh from phantom train)

    • forelimb claws of the Tarrasque (4 Diamond Dungeon)

    • chastity belt (Forest of Destruction Cemetary, Carnilla the Slut)

    • Decenter of Endless Water (quest reward from Quija)

    • Light of Power (quest reward from Quija)

    • human skull helm (Forest of Destruction Tower, the Demon Knight of Chaos)

Enter the Ghost Train in Zozo with a healer and at least one Mercenary. Bring enough Faerie/Pixie Wings from Tchazzar for everyone as you can not cast fly but will require it.

After killing the Phantom Train bring the ingredients to the Stonebow Dale blacksmith. Give him all of the items and say "ready". The uncured cap is flagged rot_death and the timer begins from the moment the Phantom Train dies. Either instantly go to Stonebow Dale to cure the cap or log off and prepare the cure process with a different character to avoid the cap rotting.

Ghost Cape

    • uncured Cape (see Ghost Cap directions)

    • tiny golden anklet with a ruby bell (Menzobaranzen, shopkeeper)

    • Cloud Hair Spike (Northern Crater, Cloud)

    • Power of the Realms (quest reward from Quija)

    • Cloak of the Elvenkind (quest reward from Quija or Tchazzar hero run)

Same scenario as the Ghost Cap. Bring the ingredients 14w3nwn7wn2w2n2w5s4w9s of Westbridge Market Square. Wear the cap, move west, say "ingredients" and follow the instructions.

Axe of the Nine Hells

    • uncured Axe (see below)

    • Bandit Boots (quest reward from New Thalos area quest)

    • FireBrand (Candlekeep Catacombs hero run)

    • a pile of red dragon scales (Tchazzar hero run)

    • Ultima Weapon (Northern Crater, Ultima Weapon mob)

    • Shield of Protection (quest reward from Quija)

Kill Gillentalis the Great Wyrm in Forest of Destruction. You can solo this mob with patience and healing scrolls/mass heal potions. Bring the ingredients to the far east side of Menzobaranzen and say "ready". The axe will be cured but a goblin will steal it before you can get it. Enter Narbondel, the light at the center of Menzobaranzen and find an up exit in the middle of a block of six rooms. Kill the goblin to claim your axe.


This series is not yet ubiquitous so we will only provide the start. Bring the arrow of Eros in Stonebow Dale to Hephestos in Olympus.

Iridescent Cloak of the Elvenkind

    • Iridescent Hyra Hide (Kelvin's Cairn, S'raat)

    • vial of aqua blue hydra blood (Kelvin's Cairn hero run)

    • Tabard of House Belo'phnat (Myth Drannor, far northwestern corner)

    • Cloak of the Elvenkind (quest reward from Quija and Tchazzar hero run)

Find Liruthel Fhyrdym in a hidden cave north of Ardeep Forest, up twice from the main level of the area. Give her the ingredients and say "finished" to receive the Iridescent Cloak of the Elvenkind.

Gem of Power (GoP) Series

    • a crimson ruby (Icewind Dale and Kelvin's Cairn hero run)

    • a teardrop gem (Icewind Dale and Kelvin's Carin hero run)

    • a smashed jewel (Icewind Dale hero run)

    • Solidified Lifestream (Norther Crater, on ground)

    • a sunstone (Village of Mist, shop)

Each step in this series requires Gems of Power made with the ingredients above. Bring them to underneath the church in Longsaddle and say "reform the gem" to be rewarded with a Gem of Power.

    1. Platinum Orb: Requires two GoP and Power of the Realms (quest reward from Quija). Bring the ingredients to the jeweler's shop at The Wide in Baldur's Gate and move up. Give him the ingredients and he will give you a Platinum Orb. This step cannot fail.

    2. Platinum Boots: Requires one GoP, Platinum Orb and a pair of spiked brigandine boots (Tchazzar hero run). Bring the ingredients to the blacksmith slightly southeast of The Way Inn and give them to him. This item has a small chance to fail.

    3. Mithril Gloves: Requires one GoP, Platinum Boots, the gloves of warding (Village of Mist) and a bar of mithril (bring any item with "mithril" as a keyword to Carnot in Dlabraddath and give it to him). Bring the ingredients to the alchemist in High Tower and give them to him. This item has a moderate chance to fail.

    4. a crimson sash banded in adamantium: Requires one GoP, Mithril Gloves, the Sash of the Chosen (Tchazzar hero run) and a bar of adamantium (same process as a bar of mithril above). Bring the ingredients to Kekule in Titan Valley and give them to him. This item has a high chance to fail.

    5. a pair of ebony studded rerebraces: Requires one GoP, a crimson sash banded in adamantium, Runed Spaulders (Teilmon hero run) and a bar of ebony (same process as a bar of mithril above). Bring the ingredients to Heifong and give them to Natarin in the "Die n Save". This item has an extremely high chance to fail (80%).

Whenever an item is failed to be made, a random assortment of gems will be returned to you. All other ingredients will be lost.

Also, NEVER give a gem of power to a Rogue in the thieves guild in Baldur's Gate. He takes it and asks for 100 platinum. If you pay he just keeps asking for more platinum.

A side item that is not part of the chain is the "Pendant of Power" To obtain this item bring a Jade Luckstone to the mob that sells Demon Lances. With the luckstone in your inventory give the shopkeeper 200 gold. he gives you the socketed luckstone. Bring this and a gem of Power to Joule in Longsaddle to create the pendant. Its stats are 150 HP/mana and 15 hitroll and damroll.

Starlet Ruby Helm

    • a Black Ice Helm (Kelvin's Cairn hero run)

    • 6x star rubies (see below)

    • 6x polishing cloth made of elven silk (see below)

The star rubies come from an alhoon in Myth Drannor. In the far east side of the city there is a small section that looks like a cross on the map. The southern room of the cross will have an alhoon that carries a single star ruby. The southern street of Myth Drannor, Street of Mystra, has several piles of debris in it. At the eastern end of the street there is a single room to the south that has two bales of elven silk in its pile of debris. A pile toward the western end holds two more. Bring the bales to Tulba the Weaver in Shadowdale and say "weave the cloth" to receive a polishing cloth made of elven silk for each bale. Bring the star rubies and polishing cloths to the lapidarist's assistant in the Village of Mist. Give him a ruby and cloth which will make him polish each ruby. Go to the the smith in the Village of Mist and sell him the black ice helm and say "socket the helm". You will have to buy the socketed helm back from him at a price near 1k platinum. Bring the socketed helm and polished rubies to Joule in Longsaddle and give him the helm. Give him each polished ruby and follow his instructions to complete the process.

Dlabraddath (Dlab)

This series if mprogs is extensive and has taken upwards of three years to fully discover. If you would like to know more about Dlabraddath, ask around in game for someone that has already done work in this area. As the series is relatively unknown to the vast majority of players it will not be detailed here for some time.

The entrance to Dlabraddath is found through Myth Drannor. In the vast forest area before the ruined city there is some overgrowth covering an exit east. Pick lock on the east exit to gain access to this area. There are several mobs of interest here that will reveal their use to you as you discover Dlabraddath on your own. You can give Dravik 1000 gold coins (not platinum, as he insists) to have him escort you to the final safe area of Myth Drannor before Dlabraddath.

Lapis/Malachite Ring/Anklet Switching

    • lapis/malachite ring/anklet to be switched (Candlekeep Catacombs hero run)

    • a bottle of doppleganger ashes (Candlekeep Catacombs hero run)

A healer and melee class or a well-stocked melee class solo should head west from Clarenius and take the first southern turn possible, before reaching the ghouls and ghasts. Stay to the west on this path until you hit the Phase Spiders. Blind these before they die or they will spawn more. The next room has Sword Spiders which you simply have to kill. The final room houses a statue which you give the ashes to and wait for further instructions. The statue will give you the ring/anklet opposite of the type you gave it.

A Suit of Prismatic Dragonscale Armor

    • a pile of black dragon scales (Tchazzar hero run)

    • a pile of blue dragon scales (Tchazzar hero run)

    • a pile of green dragon scales (Tchazzar hero run)

    • a pile of red dragon scales (Tchazzar hero run)

    • a pile of white dragon scales (Tchazzar hero run)

    • 500 platinum

Bring the ingredients to the smith in Sworddancer's Realm and give him the scales. Give him 500 platinum and receive the Prismatic.

Symbol of Rillifane

    • the Ring of the Rising Sun (Myth Drannor, Gundlar Ironcrown)

    • a Symbol of Rillifane (Myth Drannor, Maritana Moonsilver)

Gundlar Ironcrown should be hit first and can be found near the Last Chance Bazaar and Maritana Moonsilver can be found near the entrance to Dlabraddath in Myth Drannor. Dimension door/relocate to Atan for Maritana. Bring the ingredients to the druid of Rillifane in the far northern then easterly tip of the forest area containing Maritana and give the items to the druid starting with the ring, then the symbol. The symbol from Maritana rots quickly in your inventory, do not waste time.

Elemental Whip of Balance

The directions for making each elemental whip are below. As the end to this series is relatively unknown to the vast majority of players it will not be detailed here for some time.

    • Sharded Fire Whip of Shadow Images: Made in Moria II. Bring the fire whip (Balrog, Moria II), a mirror (Ganglands of Westbridge, gang doll) and an axe head (on ground randomly, Moria II) south of the room with the Balrog. Look at the box and follow the instructions to create the whip. Pay close attention to the order.

    • Ice Whip of Enlightenment: Made in High Tower. Bring the ice whip (Kelvin's Cairn, S'raat), Staff of Enlightenment (Kelvin's Cairn hero run) and a spool of binding wire (Port Llast, shop) to Logasius. Give him the ingredients and he will make the whip.

    • Stone Poison Whip of Watching: Made in Blackstaff Tower. Bring two gargoyle eyes (Blackstaff Tower, gargoyles in Chamber of Pillars section) to the old woman off a south exit along the path west of the entrance to Blackstaff. She will give you a Cloak's Scourge for each eye you bring her. Wield these weapons and enter the sewers below Blackstaff by being blown off the bridge. In the red caverns, head to the southeast until you find a room where you can only go back the way you came and down. Move down this shaft until you find an empty room. The Cloaker Lord is imp invis in this room. Use an area spell or scrolls to reveal him and kill him. He will drop an item to bring back to the old woman, who will reward you with the whip.

    • Winged Whip of Pixie Mischief: Made in Crystabelle Village. Bring an Air Crest (Elemental Shrine, also known as the Teilmon setup), the Wings of the Faerie Dragon (Tchazzar hero run) and a shimmering whip (Crystabelle Village, shopkeeper) to Wushim. Give him the ingredients and he will make the whip on the floor.

Boots of Silencing

Made in the Thieve's Guild in Baldur's Gate. Find Derek and ask him about "Geof". He will direct you to Geof to kill him. Bring Geof's head to Derek, be visible and give him the head to receive the boots.

Candlekeep Catacombs trade mprogs

While leveling a character in CKC (candlekeep catacombs), you will randomly get ghoul flesh from the mobs you kill. These ghoul flesh you can give to Clarenious to the far east in the catacombs in exchange for a reward. This reward is random between two objects. These are "a breeze gem" and "a thundershock gem" The thundershock gem is the rarer of the two.

In the city of candlekeep there is a mob that is invisible that when you enter the room he will mention wanting the gems clarenious carries. If you bring them to him he will reward you with items. The Breeze gems will only reward one of 2 items A Pill of home away from home, which creates a bed of flowers, food, and a spring when eaten, also it rewards at a high percentage a Shimmering Spirit Anklet. The thundershock gem has a high chance to load a Shimmering spirit anklet, a good chance of loading aShimmering spirit earring, and a moderate chance of loading a Shimmering spirit bracer.

Ruins of Tru Tradein

In the Ruins of Tru is a temple. In the temple there are several rooms of Acolytes that load similar to CKC Ghouls. When killing these acolytes there is a chance that it will either load an arm(high chance) or a leg(lower chance). In the far south of this leveling area the last room of acolytes is a down exit. In this acolyte room there is a hidden door east. In the next small portion is a pathway with 5-6 hero level mobs each. These mobs will tear a leveler apart. At the end of these mobs after a reboot will be a behemoth. This behemoth must be killed prior to being able to turn in the arms and legs. North of the Behemothr oom is a mob named Oughald, the mad mage. Give him the arms and legs and you will recieve one of sever rewards.

In order of rarity the rewards are:

Trials of Thrakuu

This event is in a cave that taps off of the road passing through the thunder peaks. The area is full of drow type NPC's. In the bottom of the area is a set of "Trials" where you will fight a master of each element including "holy" and "dark". When you kill a master the mob will load a portal leading to the next master. Once you reach the "Master of the dark" and kill him another mob will spawn. He gives you the choice of several weapon types. These weapons stats are detailed on the Leveling Weapons page. once you say your choice, the mob loads the item and puts it on the ground. All of the weapons are noremove and nodrop, and all but the whip also have the no_uncurse flag as well. This is easily done with a wizard.

On a side note to this. Should you desire to do so. before you pick up these weapons they can be enchanted by using scrolls of "enchant weapon" while they are still on the ground.

gnome Village

The gnomeish armguards.

Trade a hermit shell to Ginderfink Tinkerer.

The Paladin's Warhammer of Divine Power

    • A Book Entitled "A Dialogue on the Orbos of the Heavens -1- (from blackstaf library nw bookshelf)

    • a chunk of coal (dwarven mines)

    • The Resurrection of Life (Heaven, Resurector)

    • an Old Moss Covered Warhammer (%drop from cadaver in darrowmere)

    • Luminus (Candelkeep run, Venn)

Collect ingredients and take them to Titan Valley. Go to the Weapon shop 3sw from the entrance of town and go down west to Draomar the blacksmith. If you want to get a list of items needed walk in carrying a lumie. To trigger next section of context say "help" and then "prepared for that" to acquire a list of items. Once you have the items listed above give him all items. The order is not important but give lumie last incase a crash happens. Mprog has high rate of failure about a 10% success rate.

MageFire Orb

- take orb of pahreem to cavern of mist: polish orb with assistants default cloth -> mispolished orb of the phareem

-take platinum and gold candelsticks + 2 cubic zerconium + 2 tankards of acid to lyran in dlab -> say estimate the value : pay his with 1 cubic -> metal rings and gems

Lyran Nanther gives you A Pile of Platinum Rings. Lyran Nanther gives you A Brilliant Topaz. Lyran Nanther gives you A Brilliant Ruby. Lyran Nanther gives you A Brilliant Diamond.

Lyran Nanther gives you A Pile of Golden Rings. Lyran Nanther gives you A Brilliant Opal. Lyran Nanther gives you A Brilliant Emerald. Lyran Nanther gives you A Brilliant Garnet.

-take components + pot pie to High Tower: go top of high tower to master of neutrality -> give him pot pit then say 'create the blazing orb' -> Magefire orb + 50ap