Suggested group

    • Tank: Priest or Gladiator/Strider. A pair of Gladiator/Striders can split the tank, although this results in a higher workload for the healer. Tanks should not be vulnerable to pierce.

    • Healer: every run needs one and this is no exception

    • Melee: at least two, preferably Mercenaries if running a small group

Weapons needed

    • Beasts, knight and Sergeant: highest removable damage

    • Elemental dragons: frost removable

    • Tchazzar: highest damage

    • Vampires: piercing removable

Directions to start

From Westbridge recall, s3un6u2n and turn on config compass. Move through the Astral Plane in the following room order:

    • Into

    • Exploring

    • Roaming

    • Wandering

    • Lost In

    • Traversing

    • Deep Within

    • Astra Convergence

head north, then follow the western path at the T-Cross.

Claim process

    • Move through beasts with at least a tank, healer and melee

    • Once through the beasts, you'll find yourself in a maze. Simply spam north (sometimes as many as 200 times) until you can no longer do so.

    • Follow the path east, moving north one extra time once the northern exits disappear

    • Flee from the knights that attack you as you move north through the area

    • Once you get to the Sergeant, check to make sure the tank has gone east from that room and then enter, killing the Knight there

    • Kill the Sergeant to claim the run


a nearly dead adventurer is blinded by a poke in the eyes!

a nearly dead adventurer is DEAD!!

a nearly dead adventurer screams loudly!

a nearly dead adventurer says 'You may kill me but you'll never have my sword!'

With his last dying strength, the adventurer tries to break his sword.

But the sword does not break...

You see Pika all of a sudden rise in Power!

The Sword of the 5 colored Dragons has been created in the depths of the Abyss.

You receive 0 experience points.

a nearly dead adventurer spills its guts all over the floor.

Pika gets The Shimmering Sword of the DragonsBlood from the corpse of a nearly dead adventurer.

Object 'shimmering sword of dragonkind upgrade_2012' is type weapon, extra flags glow hum dark magic nodrop anti-good anti-evil anti-neutral noremove no_uncurse.

Weight is 0, value is 100000, level is 101.

Weapon type is sword.

Damage is 14d22 (average 161).

Weapons flags: flaming frost vampiric sharp vorpal shocking

Affects hit roll by 25.

Affects damage roll by 25.

Affects save vs breath by -50.

Instructions to complete

    • North from the Sergeant will be another knight to blind

    • Two rooms north of the knight will be the elemental dragon room, usually referred to as just "dragons". The tank will enter the room, with the healer and melee following. A veteran player will typically call out the color dragon to hit as one begins to die, pay attention for this so everyone focuses on one mob at a time. This will be less taxing on the healer.

    • After you've killed the dragons, the door to the north must be picked by a Mercenary, Strider's bear or Priest's elemental

    • The final room will hold Tchazzar and a vampire of an ancient wurm initially. Enter the room and kill the vampire. Vampires will randomly be loaded by the final two run mobs and their presence will prevent fleeing the room.

    • The tank will hit Tchazzar and any class that can cast blind will attempt to blind Tchazzar. Do not gouge or dirt kick, as this affect only lasts one tick. Until blinded, Tchazzar will randomly kill people she sees in the room. Avoid using any negating weapons as this could remove the blindness.

    • After Tchazzar dies, the Dracolich of Tchazzar appears. It will randomly attack anyone in the room when it spawns and shares the same "instakill" feature of Tchazzar, only this mob shouldnot be blinded because it will kill everyone in the room. The tank matters little for this portion of the run because of the instakill feature.

    • It is a good idea to leave one melee character off of the main mobs, keeping them available to deal with vampires as they spawn. This person can wear non-removable piercing weapons such as Soul Drinkers or a DK piercing weapon.


The elemental dragons each have a chance to drop scales of their color. A set of five scales, one of each color, can be changed into a Suit Prismatic Dragonscale Armor in Swordancer's Realm for a fee of 500 platinum.

Some time ago the Tchazzar run received a makeover and new set of loot. The two tables below are organized into the colloquial "Old Tch" and "New Tch". Each has a chance to load on death of the Dracolich.

Dragons have medium chance to drop 5 Adventure vouchers

Tchazzar will also drop a key used to unlock the door immediately east of her. Kill the nearly dead adventurer for a low percentage chance to load a Shimmering Sword of the Dragonblood, the upgrade to the dragonkind, the best normally attainable one-handed slashing weapon in the game. The key can then be used to obtain the Tome of Arcane Sorcery, an item for hero Wizards that allows them to cast global arcane spells.

Good and Evil Forest

At the entrance a MPROG will fire off.

Say I want a riddle. (DO NOT say anything else until it fires the next MPROG)

Answer the riddle (Use google)

Once inside follow the east side path. At each leaf say you want a leaf. Then follow the MPROG directions. Make sure your leaves are packed

After you get all 5 leaves, you will reach rooms with a mob in them. Unpack all the leaves, unlock the door then repack the leaves. If this is not done you will find yourself battling the mobs.

Once you reach portal put a "gate mob". Enter the portal and kill the orb. Once the orb is dead the Phoenix will spawn. Be sure to edrain the phoenix.


Suggested group

    • Tank: any high HP character can tank, preferable one resistant to magic

    • Healer: one will suffice

    • Melee: any melee class will work

Truth is, this run can be performed with just a Strider and healer. It will take a long time and can be complicated once Teilmon dies.

Weapons needed

    • Setup: The Air Elemental is immune to slash, so piercing or other physical-based weapon is recommended.

    • Teilmon: any physical damage weapon, Teilmon is immune to magic damage (negating, holy etc.)

    • Elementals: same weapon used for Teilmon will suffice

Directions to start

From Market Square: 10e4s2es2eds4und5nun

From Radiant Heart clan Recall:

e;n;u;s;u;n;e;ent west;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;s;s;s;s;e;e;s;e;e;d;s;u;u;u;u;n;d;n;n;n;n;n;u;e;n;e;n;n;

Water Key

open east;e;n;e;open east;e;open north;n;n;open east;e;e;e;open south;s;open oy;get key oy;n;n;w;n;n;e;n;e;n;e;s;e;n;e;n;w;w;w;w;n;open north;n;n;n;unlock north;open north;n;

Fire Key

s;s;s;s;s;e;e;e;e;s;w;s;w;n;w;s;w;s;w;s;s;e;s;open west;w;w;w;s;s;w;w;s;w;open west;w;n;w;w;unlock north;open north;n;n;n;n;n;n;e;n;n;w;n;n;e;e;n;e;e;e;d;d;n;w;w;w;unlock west;open west;w;

Air Key

e;e;open east;e;e;s;u;u;w;w;w;s;w;w;s;s;e;s;s;w;s;s;s;s;s;s;open east;e;n;e;n;n;n;u;unlock north;open north;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;e;unlock up;open up;u;

Earth Key

d;w;n;d;s;s;s;w;s;e;s;e;s;s;e;e;open north;n;d;unlock north;open north;n;n;n;open north;n;u;u;u;unlock north;open north;n;

Elemental Doors (from Earth Key)


Claim process

Gaining access to Teilmon requires a series of keys, which must be retrieved in order. We will not reproduce the exact paths for the keys here but rather leave the puzzle for you to solve.

    1. Pearl: east side of area, inside some oysters

    2. Water: north of where you found the pearl key, pay attention to the direction the wind blows the torches and kill the Water Elemental

    3. Fire: west side of the area, don't cross the bridge straight but take the west or east path around it and then head to the east to find the Fire Elemental

    4. Air: center part of the area, an exit up will lead you to a maze you must solve and at the end will be the Air Elemental. Hint: the sign at the start of the maze will provide you with the proper path

    5. Earth: located just outside the Elemental Shrine area, kill the ArchDruid for the final key

    • Unlock the corridor between the water and fire corridors leading north, with the final door unlock claiming the run

Instructions to complete

Teilmon is a standard hack and slash run. The tank enters first, followed by the healer and melee. Teilmon will meteor swarm the tank so the healer should pay close attention to the tank after a particularly large swarm. When Teilmon dies, four elementals will form and may hit the healer. The healer can recite through this as the elementals don't deal a great deal of damage. If the tank is able to rescue, it should do so to keep the run on the safe side.


Just like Tchazzar, Teilmon also has two sets of loot associated with it which drop from the elementals.

One of the elementals will also drop some gems which can be sold at a jeweler's shop, such as the one in Westbridge 2se of Market Square.

Crypt of Despair

Suggested group

Tank/melee: they can share the same role here

Healer: one is plenty, two is overkill A Strider can solo this run with healing potions, the proper weapons and using your bear to tank as often as possible.

Weapons needed

    • Level 1: removable smash

    • Level 2: removable freezing

    • Level 3: removable holy

    • Vietu: removable bash

    • Guejue: removable freezing

    • Ywoedee Xheo: removable holy

    • Nihmie: highest damage slashing

Directions to start

Claim process

A strong wind can kill the Guardian. Striders soloing the run are fond of making their bear battle the guardian to make "Cave" claim the run.

Instructions to complete

    • Level 1: It's just straight south from the claim. Kill the boss here, unlock the door south and drop the key in the room the boss was in. This will allow you to recover the run should everyone die.

For the next two levels, the trick is to never enter a room that doesn't have four exits in it (except dead ends, as noted below). When you enter a level for the first time, simply move around until you find yourself "trapped". Moving out of this room will simply reset you to the beginning of that level. Using the 'map' command you can now see the path you should follow.

    • Level 2: Your path will follow a general "U" shape, starting at the left tip of the "U". The mobs prior to the boss are softies and die in a few rounds. After you move into the final room with four exits, move north to fight the boss of this level. Once defeated, unlock the door down and drop the key.

    • Level 3: There are three sub-levels to this level. They all follow the same principle of never entering a room with less than four exits. When you reach the end of the path for your first sub-level, move to the one room that you do not have mapped. "A Dizzy Spell" is the beginning of a new sub-level. Once you finish the third sub-level you should defeat the level boss, unlock down, drop the key and move onto the final level.

    • Level 4: No movement trickery here, it's a straight line to the final run mob.

        • Vietu: Vulnerable to smash, it will also bash and stun the tank quite frequently. Keep this in mind if soloing that you should start fleeing early for safety. Unlock the door north and drop the key, this will be important for the final mob.

        • Guejue: Vulnerable to freezing, this mob does nothing special and should be an easy kill. Unlock the door north and drop the key.

        • Ywoedee Xheo: This mob will energy drain and blind the tank. It also has an mprog that will heal itself slowly every 2-3 rounds. Soloing Striders should have the cure blindness spell and some healing scrolls to regenerate mana if necessary. Unlock the door north and drop the key.

        • Nihmie: Vulnerable to slash and the final run mob. After entering the room, be sure to keep the door south closed. Nihmie has an mprog that forces anyone fighting him to flee up to ten times. He also has an mprog that will transport you to the beginning of this level. The doors will sometimes reset while you're battling Nihmie, so it's a good idea to get the key, unlock north, drop the key, open north, move north and so on until you're back in the room with him.


Each boss has chance to drop 5 AP voucher

Candlekeep Catacombs

Suggested group

    • Tank: Gladiator or Strider, Venn's attacks are able to be countered. The tank should not be vulnerable to acidic, freezing, holy, life drain or slashing.

    • Healer: one healer, veteran if possible. Healing on this run can be extremely tricky for newbies. Bring extra healers if you're worried about it.

    • Melee: at least two in addition to the tank,

Weapons needed

    • Venn: highest damage available

Directions to start

Get to the Candlekeep area by relocating on Yatinoa or walking south from the Eastern Gatehouse in Baldur's Gate. From the gate guard entrance to Candlekeep, 13nu4n4dnd.

Claim process

The claim process for Candlekeep Catacombs is technically an area quest. It's long and involved. I believe it to be ubiquitous enough to include specific directions here. The directions below assume Yatinoa is where she usually is, the southern room of the pixie house.

    • Start at the gate guard and buy a platinum and gold pass. Wear the platinum one and hang on to the gold pass for now. Vis up (the "visible" command) and move 13nu4n4dnd.

    • Say "quija sent me". This will trigger the claim and begin the area quest.

    • Clarenius gives you a letter for Tethtoril, who lives in the tower. He is u2nwue3suw from Clarenius.

    • Tethtoril gives you a recipe for Clarenius, who is ed4n4dnd from Tethtoril.

    • Justonav would like a pass into Candlekeep! Find him u2nwue3sd14s4enen from Clarenius and say something about a pass to him. He will reveal himself, allowing you to give him your gold pass.

    • Bring the rainbow bloom he gives you back to Clarenius, sws4w14nu4n4dnd.

    • You have to kill Garuda, located in the Demon Clan on the way to Underdark. You can find him 6s5sdedwn5d3n2w2s from Westbridge local. He's a pushover for anyone to kill.

    • After Garuda dies, he drops the Greater Gem of Gate. Pick it up, return to Clarenius and give it to him. The Demon Clan area is no_recall, so move 2n2e3s5u to recall and get back to Candlekeep.

    • Give the gem to Clarenius and he'll give you some special nuts to give to Konopo in MoogleTown. Konopo is 6s12e2n2ed5n from Westbridge local.

    • Konopo will give you a book to bring to Clarenius. Once you give it to him, he'll send you to kill the baby Tarrasque.

    • Recall to Wesbridge and get invis/imp invis. There is a tunnel 24s2es3edeus2denes2dsesw2dwsw2dnwn2d2sedwsedene2d from Westbridge local that has the baby Tarrasque in it. Kill the baby Tarrasque, make yourself visible and return to Clarenius.

    • Give Clarenius the blood of the baby Tarrasque. He will tell you to bring the underbelly material to Grignir outside Candlekeep, u2nwue3sd14s2e.

    • Grignir will give you an emerald to take to Clarenius, who will give you a tome to take to Bella Lightfoot.

    • Bella Lightfoot moves around Candlekeep, so exit the tower and do 'where bella'. Find her and give her the tome. She'll translate a page for you to bring to Clarenius.

    • The final item! Once you give the translated page to Clarenius, he'll ask for some ghast flesh from the catacombs to the west. Some kind levelers leave them on the floor as they kill them. Otherwise summon a Mercenary to kill a ghast for the flesh and give it to Clarenius.

    • Say "check" four times, say "complete", nod at Clarenius and smile at Clarenius. Congratulations, the setup is complete! There will now be a crystal in the room with Clarenius which is a portal to the run proper.

Instructions to complete

Important note: once you enter the crystal, you can not quaff potions. The area is not simply no_quaff but instead as an mprog that will cause massive damage and entangle quaffers. If you are under the RIP flag, you can safely quaff but will still be entangled. You can not move down after entering the crystal with scrolls or potions in your inventory, they must be inside a pack.

Venn is a hack and slash mob for the most part. Anyone who enters the room with him has a high chance to be hit by an mprog. The Priest must flee or be rescued by the tank to heal. Venn will also occasionally entangle anyone in the room. The Priest has to be rescued to heal or (with a much higher risk) must cancel themselves of entangle to flee. The final 10% or so of Venn gets difficult as he begins to heal during this portion. It is important for dying melee classes to quickly re-arm themselves and resume damage.

You have the option of blinding Venn just before his death (at 0 or 1%). Blinding him guarantees a ring and anklet but will exclude all of his weapons and doppleganger ashes. Leaving him sighted essentially rolls the dice on the loot table. It is general accepted practice to not blind Venn as the Luminus is highly prized on the secondary market currently as it is a component used in an mprog. Please discuss with the group prior to the run if you would like to blind Venn to guarantee the loot.


The anklet and ring above are their desired versions. Should a malachite ring or lapis anklet spawn instead, the doppleganger ashes can be used to transform the item to its desired version. See here for more information.

To complete the area quest, simply give a bottle of doppleganger ashes to Clarenius after the run has been completed

Blackstaff Tower

The Blackstaff run is a collection of different scenarios. Each scenario may require tweaking the final group. Initially, melee classes and a single healer will get the setup completed. You can rotate the group out before beginning the run proper depending on the scenario.

Suggested group

    • Tank: Gladiator or Strider as most of the main run mobs can be countered

    • Healer: one should be plenty but a second isn't unheard of

    • Melee: per the note above, these can change depending on scenario and will be noted below

Weapons needed

    • Demons: highest damage, bash for greater demon

    • Golem: highest non-magic damage

    • Laeral: highest non-magic damage

    • Shades: piercing for shade forms, crucified for howling demons

    • Taylor: highest damage

When in doubt, slashing works on every mob for this run.

Directions to start

Blackstaff Tower is located n4wswu from Waterdeep local recall.

Claim process

The claim for this run must be completed on a Wizard. Improved invis is key for portions of this setup. Rather than give explicit directions, we will give you a general idea of how to complete the setup. Bring some poisoned food (or be able to cast poison on yourself) and an ample amount of healing/mana potions.

    • At the entrance to Blackstaff Tower, a Lord of Waterdeep would like you to perform an errand for him. You'll have to find some blackberries on the ground around the tower.

    • Head west. There is a small chance you'll make it over the windy bridge safely and on the ground around the tower. If so, skip the next step.

    • More than likely you were blown off the bridge by a gust of wind. Go all west and then work your way up through the caverns. You need to be invis/imp invis because there are aggro mobs here.

    • Find some blackberries on the ground around the tower. Grab them and return to the Lord at the entrance to the tower. Local recall takes you to a staging point and local recall from there will take you back to Waterdeep local.

    • Give the blackberries to the Lord, who will give you a key in exchange for them. Head back west and find your way to the path around the tower once again.

    • Along the western edge of the tower is a hidden exit east. The key from the Lord will give you access.

    • Next you must scale the tower. You'll start in the Chamber of Pillars and then the Chamber of Illusions to the Hallway with Cyan Tapestries.

    • In this "level" of the tower you'll need to work your way into the Northeast Room and enter a painting there. This will take you to the Library of Blackstaff Tower.

    • There will be a locked room to the north in the Library. Conjure a demon, use it to pick the door and move north and up.

        • From this point forward, simply say "I wish to leave" and you will be transported out.

    • This chamber has many traps that will cause a fair amount of damage to you. Keep an eye on your HP. Move through the chamber looking for an up exit in the central eastern area of this chamber. You will find an exit up that you should go through twice.

    • Before moving even once in this chamber, you need to get poisoned. This chamber has traps that will sleep, dispel and energy drain you. Move slowly through this chamber wsw2senesu.

    • You'll find yourself in a chamber with statues. Each statue is actually a basilisk that will come to life should you move without being invisible. Cast imp invis and move to the southern portion of the chamber. There you will find a long corridor with a basilisk at the end of it. Kill the basilisk to get the reptilian key and move all north.

    • Unlock and enter the up exit to enter the portal chamber. There are five total levels to this chamber. The trick is to move east and west looking for the right portals to enter. Once you enter a portal an mprog will tell you what level you are in. The final level is the room with the weaver.

    • You can kill the weaver with just a healer and Mercenary or Strider but the more melee you bring, the better. As the weaver gets closer to death it will cast maladictions on the tank with increased frequency. Once the weaver is dead, be sure to loot the corpse and enter the portal three times in a row to gain access to the final chamber.

    • This chamber is filled with howler monkeys, spider monkeys and gorillas. Each hold keys that will gain you access to the claim room of the run. The healer should sit in the middle of this chamber below the three locked exits. Melee characters should kill all mobs in the area except for the Chromatic monkeys. Most of the mobs will drop a key. Identify the key and if it is type trash, drop it. If it is type key, yell the key you have and give it to the healer to hold. The door order is golden monkey key, silver spider key and gorilla key.

        • Occasionally not every key will spawn. After killing every monkey in the area the group must wait for a respawn to look for the missing key. You can pass this time by killing the Chromatic monkeys that have spawned. Each holds a gem worth about 1k platinum and can be added to the lotto pool for the run.

    • Move up from the jungle chamber and send someone with high HP all south. There are three pathways to the claim room and one or two of them will have an Incarnate of Darkness in it. The idea is to have someone go all south. If it's clear, they'll yell clear to tell everyone else if it's safe. If there is an Incarnate in the room they should signal that to the rest of the group. Once everyone is south, the holder of all the keys should say "claim". Pointing at a character will move them into the run, which is a no_recall area.


The run has five separate scenarios that can only be discovered by pointing in someone to explore. You should always try to point in a summoner to assist with bringing people in.

    • Demons: Any class. Retrieve the Tome of Laeral from her corpse before going up to the roof for the demons. There are six smaller demons and one main demon. Kill the smaller demons first and then the main demon. The main demon will cast sleep on the tank. If possible, bring a Titan or Thri'kreen to tank. Everyone in the group, including the healer, should have poison before attacking the main mob. Everyone should group together except the healer and toggle config assist so they assist group members. If using the immune charm tank, melee should wait to backstab until the tank does so they don't have sleep cast on them. Once killed, take the Tome to the waiting Alstruiel Silvermoon and give it to her. Use the yell/shout channel to vote on the loot and say the name to receive it.

    • Golem: Any class but Mercenary because it has a countercircle/strike mprog. Standard hack and slash. Will engage Priest and will have to flee to heal, should recite when possible. Does smash damage. Same loot style as Demons with different items. You can only exit the room to the west.

    • Laeral: Any class. Will teleport to different parts of the roof and engage healer on entry. Does magic damage.

    • Shades: Any class. Has three forms and will spawn mobs to assist it, should be killed by a Mercenary. Have a dedicated person killing howling demons with crux.

    • Taylor: Any class. Standard hack and slash and easiest scenario. Will engage Priest and will have to flee to heal. Does slash damage. Dispelling his sanc and haste will make him much easier. Taylor will fully heal at iregular times, or when no one is fighting him.


Kelvin's Cairn

Suggested group

    • Tank: Strider or Gladiator. The attacks the main mobs do can be countered.

    • Healer: one is fine, more is better

    • Melee: preferably all Mercenaries, no more than one Gladiator

Weapons needed

    • Claim and Icingdeath: removable holy

    • Kelvin: highest damage lightning

Directions to start

Relocate to "elite barbarian" and walk west. Follow the way up and west out of the Barbarian Stronghold. Summit the Cairn and then travel inside of it. There will be some aggressive mobs around but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle. Kill the Cleric of Thrym for a black ice key, which will get you access to the rest of the run.

Claim process

Find the black ice tunnel, which will lead you to the black ice golem. Kill it and you'll find Icingdeath and Kelvin at the bottom of a shaft.

Instructions to complete

Let the tank enter and immediately follow. Melee should concentrate on killing Icingdeath first because he has the largest damage mprog of the two. After Icingdeath dies, work on dispelling Kelvin's sanc. Kelvin needs to be blinded by the time he dies. Whoever looted Icingdeath will have the key to the treasure room.


Icewind Dale

Suggested group

    • Tank: highly suggested to use a Priest as it's straightforward to keep a Priest alive with three people reciting

    • Healer: one should suffice, two for safety

    • Wolves: one melee character, preferably a Strider for rescue, will stay off the main dragon and deal with the wolves it summons

    • Melee: two Mercenaries and anything you can get your hands on

Weapons needed

    • Flaming. Sword of the Crucified preferred but Flameblades are fine.

Directions to start

    • Relocate to "elite barbarian" and local recall. Walk north out of Port Llast until you can go down. Follow the path.

Claim process

    • Kill the white polar bear

    • Move 2ene and wait. There will be a small pack of wolves to the east.

        • Use a Strider or Gladiator to tank and let your tank Priest heal for this part to conserve mana.

        • When not healing, dispel the wolves. Their sanctuary comes off easily and speeds the process up.

    • Move east and you'll see a large pack of wolves to the north.

        • Same strategy as above.

    • Follow the path. Before moving down, make sure everyone has fly.

Instructions to complete

    • Tank Priest enters and immediately begins reciting healing scrolls. This is all your tank will have to do during this portion of the run.

    • Rest of the group follows in and engages the main dragon. As noted above, one melee character will not engage the main dragon.

    • Tank Priest, healer and "wolf" character all recite healing scrolls repeatedly.

        • Three reciters will generally keep a tank Priest alive while the melee work on the dragon's enormous HP.

    • When the main dragon summons a wolf, the wolf character should engage it and stop reciting.

        • There can be multiple wolves at once. The Strider should be able to tank as many wolves as will spawn and should keep reciting. If using a Mercenary for wolves, they can kill the wolves as they will make quick work of it.

        • Again, it is ideal to use a Strider for the wolves. They can rescue the healer if a wolf engages them and cleave does enough melee damage to deal with them.

    • After the main dragon dies, kill the remaining wolves.

If the entire group dies, the initial packs of wolves may have respawned and you will have to kill your way through them. Most veteran players have characters they can log to deal with this. All you need is a couple pieces of armor and some decent weapons. When summoning people back after a wipeout, make sure group members all have fly before being summoned or they could fall straight into the dragon's lair, dying again.


Crypts of the Undead

Suggested group - all members should have over 10k hp or they will be one shotted, over and over.

Tank: Gladiator or Strider, Morthazar's primary attack can be countered

Healer: one will suffice, veteran prefered. Damage will be heavy.

Melee: if bringing only a single melee, bring a Mercenary otherwise any melee class will do

Lich: it is important to bring a lich so you can avoid the last fight, will have a dedicated summoner, and enough mana to finish the run.

Weapons needed

All mobs in this run are vulnerable to holy damage.

Directions to start

From Waterdeep local: n4es2en3esd3n

  • Move north and kill the guards, then follow the path down and north until you are at the Center of Undead Square and move 2d.

Claim process

Kill Dethecus to claim the run.

Instructions to complete

    • Once claimed, enter the crack in the floor and give the potion from Dethecus to the waiting angel.

      • If the angel gives you a dark key, you will be able to get the Eternal Lance of Fire later on in the run

      • If the angel gives you only the potion back, pass it to the healer as it will restore mana

There are multiple traps set in this run that will damage people and even dispel them as you move through the area. Everyone but the person leading the way through the run should recite scrolls each time the group moves to a new part of the run. You should also take care to make sure you have your spells up before entering a room with Morthazar.

  • ne2ne: kill Terrachus if he is alive, no loot is given from him

  • 3esdsesd2en: Morthazar will be down, which must be unlocked with the key you received from Dethecus

You will attack Morthazar a total of five times on this run, each time the tank enters followed by the healer and melee. Every 20% he will flee to another room, making you retrieve a new key to hunt him down. He also has a massive damage feature that will occasionally hit anyone in the room, healer included.

  • u2seds: kill Utalrund for the second key

  • nuw2nd: Morthazar will be east, 80-60%

  • wunwuen: kill Protazur for the third key

  • swdesde: Morthazar will be east, 60-40%

  • 2wus2wunwnun3w2n

If you received a dark key from the angel, move up and west from this point. Unlock the chest and retrieve the Hammer of Eternal Doom. Give the hammer to Aramirak, the Crypt Smith 2en of the chest to receive the Eternal Lance of Fire. If you did not receive the key from the angel, move up east north. Moving up has a chance for you to slip and slam into the ground, and every member of the group must move up regardless of them following anyone. Kill Aramirak (after you have received the lance, if applicable) and get the fourth key.

  • swd2s3esdsesd2end2e: Morthazar will be east, 40-20%

  • 3wus2wunwnun2wdse2se: kill Bakamural for the fifth key

  • w2nwnu2esdsesd2end3e: Morthazar will be east, 20-0%

Morthazar will have summoned three Death Knights to aid him for this final room. Target the Knights first as they die easy yet deal massive damage to the tank. Upon Morthazar's death, he has a chance to drop the burning skull of an Angel which is the best normally obtainable rolls floater in the game.

  • North of Morthazar will be the Guardian of the Undead Chest. If you have a Heucuva, Lich or Wizard (with imp invis) in your group, you may give the key to operating an unknown system to them and have him walk past the guardian and unlock the switch, killing the Guardian. Otherwise the group can engage the Guardian as normal with the tank leading. The healer should initially energy drain the Guardian. Reciting should keep the tank alive after that.


Below is guaranteed loot from this run. The lance and skull both have a low percentage chance of spawning.

Hellfire Citadel

Grand Arena -comming soon

Deeper Moonshae Isles- comming soon