This page will have a list of all race stats with max stats shown. It will also have basic info about the class and the help file descriptions.

There are many traits and passive abilities among the many different races in the great realms. Since each race is unique in five disinct area, a diverse

band of adventurers can be found. The five abilities and traits are: Size, Resistance, Vulnerability, Immunity, and Permanent Affects.

Size: Although mostly pertaining to the ability of a gladiator to slam into their opponent, the size of a player is determined by their race. The size

of the races in the great realms ranges from: Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge, Giant in that order.

Resistance: Due to a natural ability to diminish the effect of an attack, some races have found ways to become resistant to certain types of damage. Being

resistant to a type of attack greatly reduces the damage these attacks will generate. The ability to resist: Lightning, Cold, Fire, Holy, Light, Weapons,

Slash, Pierce, Bash, Poison, Disease, Charm, Energy, Magic, Negative, and Acid are inherent in certain creatures. (50% reduction v mobs 20%red v players)

Vulnerability: No race is without weakness but some races have vulnerabilities that leave them open to devastating attacks. These vulnerabilities can range

from relatively harmless to being lethal in certain circumstances. Each races vulnerabilities are different but can be: Holy, Light, Drowning, Slash, Magic,

Bash, Cold, Pierce, Lightning, Weapon, Negative, Disease and Poison. (50% amp v mobs 20% v players)

Immunities: Weathering such torments as the realms can muster some races have found the ability to be completely immune to certain attacks. These Immunites

cause them to be completely unharmed by those attacks and spells of an immune type will never land. Only ability to be completely immune to: Disease, Poison,

Fire, Charm, Negative are available and to just a few creatures. (Charm only useful immunity to sleep)

Permanent Effects: Some creatures have, due to their race, an ability that is always with them. The winged creatures of the realms obviously are always able

to fly and thus have this as a permanent part of them. The racial talents that are able to be permanent effects are: Detect hiddden, Detect Invis, Detect

Good, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Fly, Farsight, Infrared, Regeneration, Dark Vision, Haste, Sneak, Pass Door, Swim, Berserk,


The Races Of Waterdeep


The following is a list of all races available to the players of Waterdeep

during creation. You will find the help file syntax after the name.


Human [Help Human] Elf [Help Elf]

Drow [Help Drow] Dwarf [Help Dwarf]

Pixie [Help Pixie] Esper [Help Esper]

Halfling [Help Halfling] Half Orc [Help Halforc]

Goblin [Help Goblin] Half Elf [Help HalfElf]

Gnome [Help Gnome] Gnoll [Help Gnoll]

Kenku [Help Kenku] Minotaur [Help Minotaur]

Satyr [Help Satyr] Titan [Help Titan]

Podrikev [Help Pod] Giant [Help Giant]

Avian [Help Avian] Heucuva [Help Heucuva]

Draconian [Help Draconian] Centaur [Help Centaur]

Thri'Kreen [Help Thri]


Each race has its own unique traits that grant it advantages and disadvantages

over the others. For more information on what kinds of traits these are,

What I want races to look like