Halfelves are a cross between a human and an elf, usually due to the fact

that human armies sometime make raids on elf lands. Halfelves are very

nearly human, although they tend to be a bit more thoughtful, and less

physically powerful. Unfortunately they are also more bitter, and much

more aloof than either the most secretive elf or the most secluded human

hermit. They see themselves as unwelcome in either elf or human society

and as a result tend to lead solitary lives as wandering adventurers who

follow no real creed.

A halfelf is a natural loner, and most of them are rangers or druids,

communing with the nature that they love much as the elves do.

They have much better eyesight than humans, due to their elven ancestry,

but unlike elves are more inquisitive about the world around them, much

as humans are.


| Strength [STR] : 17(21) | Size : Medium |

| Intelligence [INT] : 18(22) | Resistances : Charm, Pierce |

| Wisdom [WIS] : 19(23) | Vulnerabilities : |

| Dexterity [DEX] : 18(22) | Immunities : |

| Constitution [CON] : 18(22) | Perm. Affects : Farsight, Detect Invis, |

| | Detect Hidden |