The Podrikev were originally a non-sentient mechanized creation of dwarven

miners. Meant to help expedite the minerals of Moria these machines were

became worthless and were abandoned when the mines lost all value.

Although left to rot for the centuries, the dwarven miners had implanted in

each machine the brain and spinal column of a domesticated kobold so as to

make them controllable. Many of the Podrikev retained the beasts' instinct of

survival and attempted to explore beyond the mines in search of continued

existence. In time, their intelligence evolved and adapted itself to the

surrounding environments.

The Podrikev are very large, very bulky, mechanical beasts that are

fashioned from plates of steel, bronze, iron, and granite. All Podrikev run on

a system of pullies, levers, grinders, chains, and other contraptions

including dry batteries and a fuel converter for changing food into energy.

All of the Podrikev walk with an audible clank and expell a

nauseating exhaust. They are hardy and when well-oiled become formidable

opponents in battle.

Podrikev have the affect of sight of invisible, hidden and are able to

see creatures in the dark. Magic, Cold or Poison does not affect them but

and sometimes Disease and fire. They are though affected by water and wood.

These fine creatures make a good warrior.


| Strength [STR] : 25(25) | Size : Huge |

| Intelligence [INT] : 18(22) | Resistances : Weapon, Disease, Fire |

| Wisdom [WIS] : 18(22) | Vulnerabilities : Drowning, Pierce, Cold |

| Dexterity [DEX] : 15(19) | Immunities : Poison |

| Constitution [CON] : 25(25) | Perm. Affects : Regeneration |