Airship Guide

Airships are a very important aspect of the game as they allow you to do a few things. You can run cargo to make plat, use it to get to the city of heifong which has several desirable items in it as well as being wehre "rerebracers" are made, and it can be used as a portable recall location to anywhere you cand rive your ship to.

WARNING:Airship commands are only usable by second tier characters.

In this page we will discuss purchasing an airship, equipping it with engines and weapons, Getting set up as an airship pilot for cargo, and all of the associated commands for airship use and customization.

You can also access all of this information and more in the game by typing "help airship" and looking at any of the help files listed in there.

Purchasing A Ship

The First thing that you need to do is figure out what type of ship you want. On the Airship chart It is detailed what each ship is, how many engines and weapons it can hold, and how much the hull costs in platinum.

When deciding what hull to purchase there is really only two things to keep in mind. One is how much you wish to spend. And the second is the weight to engine ratio of the ship. A very heavy ship will need larger engines to reach the top airship speed, if that ship design can get there at all. Where as a smaller ship may be able to reach that speed with much smaller and therefore more inexpensive engines. Again you can reference the airship chart for what engines are needed to achieve a hull types max speed.

When purchasing your hull You use the List command to see all of the hull types. You choose the hull type you desire. Then the command to purchase it would be "buy 2 name of airship". The name of the ship can be anything you desire and may include color code. Do not include the word "The" at the beginning of the airship name as the mud includes this by default.

Purchasing Engines

After purchasing your hull you will move to the engine shop. Having already consulting the airship chart, choose your engines you wish to buy. Type list and find your engine. The syntax for the purchasing command is "buy #" # being the listed number of your desired engine. Ensure that you buy the maximum number of engines available for your ship. The system will give you an error message when you are trying to excede the capacity of your ship.

in this list you will also see a "Manchousen teleport engine". This engine allows you to teleport your ship back to certain beacons in the mud above certain cities. it costs 5000 platinum but it is VERY handy to have.

Purchasing Weapons

Weapons are an optional part of the airship system. Airship weapons can only hit other airships. This allows you to have airship battles. Destroying the other ship and being able to board and loot it, assuming that the victim stores anything on board the ship. In days past you could steal the persons keys from their ignition if they were not fast enough and refund all of the persons engines and weapons. The command for this was removed and it is no longer possible.

Purchasing fuel

This is done from one room south of the center of the Tarmac in The toregianno Airship port. You will see a pump on the ground and when you type "list" it will tell you How to purchase fuel for your ship. Your ship consumes fuel based on how long the keys are in the ignition. So it is adventageous to remove your key whenever not moving. Doing this will make it so that you have to refuel your ship far less often.

Purchasing Hull Reinforcement

Hull reinforcement coats your ship in the specified material adding to your ships overall hitpoints. This is done while outside your airship with its key in your posession. The Command for this is "hull (code)". The "code" stands for what hull you want. The following is a list of hulls, their cost, and how much HP they give.

    • HULLWD: Wooden hull, Adds 10,000 HP, Costs 500 platinum

    • HULLIP: Iron plated wooden hull, Adds 15,000 HP, Costs 1,500 platinum

    • HULLPI: Plated iron, Adds 20,000 HP, Costs 2,500 platinum

    • HULLSR: Steel reinforced iron plate, Adds 25,000 HP, Costs 3,500 platinum

    • HULLPS: Plated Steel Hull, Adds 30,000 HP, Costs 5,000 platinum

    • HULLSS: Solid steel hull, Adds 35,000 HP, Costs 7,500 platinum

    • HULLMH: Materia Hull, Adds 40,000 HP, Costs 10,000 platinum

Driving your Airship

Driving your airship uses similar commands to moving around the mud. dd, du, de, dw, ds, dn, are the movement commands.

You can also open doors from within your ship using the "airopen (direction)" command.

"Airmap" will show a map of the area surrounding your ship whenever you move.

"Ping" will show a map of the area surrounding your ship on demand.

"Porthole" this command when used in a room of the airship will install a porthole allowing you to look in it and see the room outside.

"Anchor" This command will drop your anchor into the ground making your ship unable to be attacked while it is anchored. This becomes very important when moving your ship around and using it for its portable recall uses.

General Airship Commands

These are all of the commands associated with airships split into sectiones depending on type and usage.

Customization Commands

    • Airname: Type AIRNAME <NAME>, to change an airship room name.

    • Airdesc: Type AIRDESC, to open the editting program.

    • Airfurn: Type AIRFURN <RESTRING>, to restring your airship furniture.

    • Bolt: Type BOLT <Furniture Name>, to remove the take flag from your furniture.

    • Unbolt: Type UNBOLT <furniture name>, to give your furniture the take flag.

    • Porthole: Type PORTHOLE, to place a porthole in the current room.

Battle/Repair Commands

    • Aim: Type AIM <Cannon Name> <Airship Name>, to aim a cannon at an airship.

    • Fire: Type FIRE <Cannon Name>, to fire that cannon.

    • Tow: Type TOW (Location) with your airship key in your inventory.

    • Repair: Type REPAIR (Type) for manual airship repairs. Type REPAIR LIST

    • Board: Type BOARD <Airship Name>, to board another airship (when defeated).

    • Deboard: Type DEBOARD <Airship Name>, to return to your airship.

    • Ping: Type PING <Direction optional>, to locate mobs and airships around you.

Teleport Engine

    • Beacon: Type BEACON, to see a list of available beacons.

    • Teleport: Type TELEPORT #, using the number of beacon to teleport there.


    • Remcannon: Type REMCANNON <Cannon Name> to remove & refund your cannon.(currently disabled)

    • Remengine: Type REMENGINE <Engine> while in the engine room to remove your engine.(currently disabled)

    • Hull: Type HULL (Code) to upgrade hitpoints. Type HULL LIST.


    • CB: Type CB to speak over the CB radio to all airships.

    • Loud: Type LOUD (Message) to send a message outside your airship.


    • Compass: Type COMPASS, to see the current rooms around you.

    • Navlight: Type NAVLIGHT to turn on your outside airship lights to see in the dark.

    • Drive: Type DRIVE <Direction>, to move your airship in a direction.

    • Leave: Type LEAVE, within the helm room to leave the airship.

    • Enter: Type ENTER <Airship Name>, to enter an open airship.

    • Status: Type STATUS, which displays fuel & hitpoints.

    • Rent: Type RENT, while in a parking zone to safly store your airship.

    • Unrent: Type UNRENT <Airship Name>, to unpark your airship & get your keys.

    • Airspeed: Type AIRSPEED #, to change how fast you go & how much fuel you use.

    • Airopen: Type AIROPEN <Direction>, to open a door from inside your airship.

    • Arecall: Type ARECALL SET, to set a recall point on your airship (ARECALL to go)

Airship chart

Tripower Battle Cruiser

Rooms: 48

Weapons: 6

Engines: 4 drive, 6 lift

weight: 32,000 lbs

Cost: 15,000 platinum

Max Speed: This design needs 40 cylinder engines to achiev a maximum speed of 20 rooms per 15 seconds.

Description: Battle Cruisers are massive ships designed mainly for large crews and battles. They are the largest of 'public' airships and feature almost the largest amount of weapons available.

Tripower Hammerhead

Rooms: 7

Weapons: 2

Engines: 2 drive, 4 lift

Weight: 4,480 lbs

Cost: 1,500 platinum

Max Speed: This design requires 10 cylinder engines to reach a max speed of 20 rooms in 5 seconds.

Description: Hammerheads are a part of the single seater airship class, meaning they require only one person to fly. They are small and can only hold two cannons.

Judge War Cruiser

Rooms: 32

Weapons: 4

Engines: 2 drive, 4 lift

Weight: 14,000 lbs

Cost: 10,000 platinum

Max Speed: This design requires 40 cylinder engines to reach its max speed of 20 rooms in 10 seconds.

Description: War Cruisers are the smaller cousins of the Battle Cruiser, smaller in size they are faster with smaller engines. They hold the third largest amount of weapons available.

Judge Highwind

Rooms: 34

Weapons: 3

Engines: 4 drive, 6 lift

Weight: 16,000 lbs

Cost: 9,500 platinum

'Max Speed: This design requires 40 cylinder engines to reach its max speed of 20 rooms in 10 seconds.

Description: Highwinds are retro style airships which do not look like your average sailing or flying boat. They are built for speed and only hold three cannons.

Judge Ram Duster

Rooms: 7

Weapons: 3

Engines: 4 drive, 4 lift

Weight: 5,000 lbs

Cost: 5,500 platinum

Max Speed: This design requires 12 Cylinder engines to reach its maximum speed of 20 rooms in 5 seconds. Description: Ram Dusters are the heavier and more powerful single seater airships, holding the most in engine and cannon class. Still they are small and cramped.

Figaro Stormchaser

Rooms: 17

Weapons: 3

Engines: 2 drive, 2 lift

Weight: 12,000 lbs

Cost: 6,000 platinum

Max Speed: This design requires 40 cylinder engines to reach its max speed of 20 rooms in 10 seconds.

Description: Stormchasers are large ships which use magic to float themselves through the sky, thus they only hold two engines of each class, and only three cannons.

Heifong Swordfish

Rooms: 7

Weapons: 2

Engines: 2 drive, 2 lift

Weight: 4,480 lbs

Cost: 999 platinum

Max Speed: This design requires 40 cylinder engines to reach its max speed of 20 rooms in 5 seconds.

Description: Swordfishes are the smallest and lightest of the single seaters, holding the least motors and cannons. They are small and cramped but built for speed and mobility.

Heifong Juggernaught

Rooms: 31

Weapons: 7

Engines: 2 drive, 6 lift

Weight: 15,000 lbs

Cost: 8,500 platinum

Max Speed: This design requires 40 cylinder engines to reach its max speed of 20 rooms in 15 seconds.

Description: Juggernaughts are heavier warships than the Battle and War Cruisers, holding the most cannons out of all public airships. Like any other large ship, they require a crew.