Area Directions


Area Name

4 Diamond Dungeon

Directions from Market Square Westbridge

13wswd4w (open west) wd

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Area Name

In The Air

Icewind Dale

Directions from Market Square Westbridge


107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w9nw2n2w3n2w17n3wn7w17n (open north) 4nwn w3nw2nwnw6nw3nw7nw2nw2n (open north) nw5nw2n (open north) 2nw3nw3nwnd2e5nwnwu2wd3w3nw2n3e3s2es3neu



Area Name

Keep of Mahn'Tor

Kelvins Cairn

Directions from Market Square Westbridge


107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w9nw2n2w3n2w17n3wn7w17n (open north) 4nwnw3nw2nwnw6nw3nw7nw2nw2n (open north) nw5nw2n (open north) 2nw3nw3nwnd2e5nwnwu2wd3w3nw2n3e3s2es3neuend3nwunueusununeu


Area Name



Directions from Market Square Westbridge


107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w3n2w17n4e 2ne5ne3ne2ne5ne3ne3ne3ne2ne5ne6nw2nwnw2nw4n










Area Name

Valley of the Elves

Valley of the Titans

Directions from Market Square Westbridge




Baldur's Gate (Forgotten Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5s2e5s2ese2se2se3sw2sw5sw4sw3sw3sw

  • Duchal Palace

  • Thieves' Guild

  • The Flaming Fist HQ

  • Temple of Umberlee

  • Taverns

  • Sewers

  • North

  • Elfsong Tavern

      • + ?

      • + ?

      • + ?

      • + ?

      • + ?

      • + ?

      • + ?

      • + ?

Candlekeep (Great Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5s2e5s2ese2se2se3sw2sw5sw4sw3sw8swdw

Casino Night (Great Realms)

    • 4s2ws

Daggerford (Great realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w4n

Darrowmere (Great Realms)

    • 19s2w3s4wswsedsedse3uedndenwd

Eastern Highway (Forgotten Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5s2e5s2ese2se2ses2e2s

Elven Valley Addon (Great Realms)

    • 15nw3nd

Festival of the Two Moons (Great Realms)

    • 8wn (Area open during the festival. Usually in March)

Longsaddle (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w3n2w17n4e2ne5ne3ne2ne5ne3ne3ne3ne2ne5ne6nw2nwnw2nw4n

Makou City (Great Realms)

    • 34e5sd12wn

New Thalos (Great Realms)

    • 28e

North of Waterdeep (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w3n2w17n4e

  • Rassalantar

Paradise Island (Great Realms)

    • 76en

Sands of Sorrow II(Great Realms)

    • 4s2esds15es

Stables (Great Realms)

    • 15n6e

Stonebow Dale (Great Realms)

    • 23sw4s

Thalos (Great Realms)

    • 10e4swd

Torregiano (Great Realms)

    • 24e12n

Tripower Tower (Great Realms)

    • 24e25nu

Waterdeep (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w3n2w


Dwarven Day Care (01-05) (Great Realms)

    • 10e5n3e

The Void (01-05) (Great Realms)

    • 4s3esu

Moogle Town (01-20) (Great Realms)

    • 12e2n2ed

Sacrifice (01-50) (Great Realms)

    • 15nen

Museum of Creatures (01-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 19ws2w2sws3wn7w

Dark Continent (05-35) (Great Realms)

    • 88es

Graveyard of Westbridge (09-20) (Great Realms)

    • 7es

Haon'Dor Forest (09-20) (Great Realms)

    • 13w2s

In The Air (09-20) (Great Realms)

    • 5n2u

Ganglands of Westbridge (09-30) (Great Realms)

    • 4e8se

Gnome Village (09-30) (Great Realms)

    • 14es

Miden'nir (09-30) (Great Realms)

    • 18s

Mob Factory (09-30) (Great Realms)

    • 4w6sed

Moria (09-30) (Great Realms)

    • 10e6n

Arachnos (09-40) (Great Realms)

    • 19ws2wnwuwn

Holy Grove (09-40) (Great Realms)

    • 14end

Valley of the Elves (09-40) (Great Realms)

    • 15nwn

Dragon Tower (09-60) (Great Realms)

    • 19ws2w2sws3wnw2n (find dragon hatchling at "Tower gates" and kill for key) (unlock north) (open north) n

Elemental Canyon (09-60) (Great Realms)

    • 10e4s2es2eds4und

Sewers (09-60) (Great Realms)

    • 5sd

Wyvern's Tower (09-60) (Great Realms)

    • 10e4s2es2ede

Keep of Mahn'Tor (09-70) (Great Realms)

    • 10e4s2es2ed3ne3swse3sd9s2u

Shire (09-70) (Great Realms)

    • 11w10n

Olympus (09-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 16nu

Mirkwood Forest (10-30) (Great Realms)

    • 12n4end

Port Llast (10-50) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w3n2w17n3wn7w17n (open north) 4nwnw3nw2nwnw6nw3nw7nw2nw2n

Hilp Village (10-95) (Great Realms)

    • 11w10n10w

Shadowdale (10-HRO) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5s2e5s2ese2se2ses2e2s3eses2e6s2e2sese3sdsuwusws3wsw2sese2ses2e2s6enu5es2es2esen4en2enu2en3e3nenede2n6enenenueueun2enuenu2nwdn2wndnuwnwnu2nenund8esed7e3ne2nunenendn2ene2nen2e5n2u3neune3dnene2n2en2ene2n

The Great Pyramid (10-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 6swd16e4sde2n3eu

The Underdark (13-50) (Great Realms)

    • 5sdedwn7d (open west) w

Plains of the Dead (15-40) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5s2e5s2ese2se2se3sw2sw6s

Sands of Sorrow (19-40) (Great Realms)

    • 4s2esds7e

Dwarven Kingdom (19-50) (Great Realms)

    • 10e5n2en

High Tower of Sorcery (19-60) (Great Realms)

    • 19ws2w2sws3wnw2n (find "emaciated adventurer") en

Astral Plane (19-70) (Great Realms)

    • 5n3unu

Camelot (20-35) (Great Realms)

    • 13wn

Aarakoncran City (25-40) (Great Realms)

    • 10e4s2es2eds4undne5nenu

Ardeep Forest (25-40) (Great Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2ne

Drow City (29-50) (Great Realms)

    • 10e4s2es2ed (open hole) wsd (open down) d

Marsh (29-50) (Great Realms)

    • 19ws2w2sw4s

Chapel (29-60) (Great Realms)

    • 7e6sd

Misty Forest (30-50) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2wnw

Galaxy (30-60) (Great Realms)

    • 19ws2w2sws3wnw2n (find "Inside The Tavern") dw

Realm of Sworddancers (30-99) (Great Realms)

    • 10e4s2es2ed6n

4 Diamond Dungeon (30-HRO) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 13wswd4w (open west) wd

Pirate Ship (35-60) (Great Realms)

    • 46e5neu

Trollbark Forest (40-50) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5sw

Crypts of the Undead (40-80) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w3n6wn2w17n4w8n2en3esd

Crystabelle Village (40-HRO) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n9e2nwnenen (enter well)

Valley of the Titans (45-70) (Great Realms)

    • 19w2ne2n4wn2w2n2w5s4w7s

Divided Souls (45-85) (Great Realms)

    • 19ws2w2sws3wnw2n (find "Inside The Tavern) 2d

Vector City I (50-99) (Great Realms)

    • 24e11n18w3nw2nw8nw5n3w18n

Icewind Dale (50-99) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w3n2w17n3wn7w17n (open north) 4nwnw3nw2nwnw6nw3nw7nw2nw2n (open north) nw5nw2n (open north) 2nw3nw3nwnd2e5nwnwu2wd3w3nw2n3e3s2es3neu

Forest of Destruction (50-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 15nw2nene4nw2n

Menzoberranzan (50-HRO) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5s2e5s2ese2se2ses2e2s3eses2e6s2e2sese3sdsuwusws3wsw2sese2ses2e2s6enu5es2es2esen4en2enu2en3e3nenede2n6enenenueueun2enuenu2nwdn2wndnuwnwnu2nenund8esed7e3ne2nunenendn2ene2nen2e5n2u3neune3dnene2n2en2ene14n5e (open down) d

Myth Drannor (50-HRO)(Forgotten Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5s2e5s2ese2se2ses2e2s3eses2e6s2e2sese3sdsuwusws3wsw2sese2ses2e2s6enu5es2es2esen4en2enu2en3e3nenede2n6enenenueueun2enuenu2nwdn2wndnuwnwnu2nenund8esed7e3ne2nunenendn2ene2nen2e2n4eu2eueueden3en4ene3n

Nirvana (59-70) (Great Realms)

    • 14endn2eu

Castle Red Steel (60-80) (Great Realms)

    • 24e11n14e

Caves of Mist (60-85) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n9e2nwne2nwne3n2u2nene3nd

  • The Village of Mist

  • Stump Bog

      • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2enw6ne2ne2n2e2n2en3end2ne2nd3nesdesw2s2e2dwsed6nen3e

      • + 2ne5nene

      • + 2ne5nen4ese

Magitek Factory (60-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 24e11n18w3nw2nw8nw5n3w18n (open north) n3w (pass door) 4n (open west) w

Hell (63-99) (Great Realms)

    • 23s2w3u (enter portal) 2s (open down) 5dn (open down) d

Archonian Chessboard (65-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 23sw (open west) w3u (enter portal)

Nibelheim (65-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 19ws2w2sws3wn3wn

Fanatics' Tower (70-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 7en

Kelvins Cairn (70-HRO) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w3n2w17n3wn7w17n (open north) 4nwnw3nw2nwnw6nw3nw7nw2nw2n (open north) nw5nw2n (open north) 2nw3nw3nwnd2e5nwnwu2wd3w3nw2n3e3s2es3neuend3nwu

Drakyri Isle (75-99) (Great Realms)

    • 15ne2ne4nse3s (enter pool)

Crator of New Ofcol (75-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 15n5en

Sephiroth's Tower (75-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 10e4s2es2ed3ne3swse3sd9s2us (open south) 4s

City of Zozo (77-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 45e3nu2eunw2une3d5n

Ruins of New Ofcol (75-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 15n5en

Cavern of the Tarrasque (80-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 18s2ese

Polaris (80-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 10e7nd6n

The North Crater (90-99) (Great Realms)

    • 10e4s2es2ed3ne4swse3sd4se2s3w5uwnw10unw3n2u

Pestolencia (90-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 15n5e6nen

Castle Black (99-HRO) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5s2e5s2ese2se2ses2ese (enter circle)

Graveyard of Zozo (99-HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 34e21n

House of the Moon (99-HRO) (Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5wnwn2w9nw2n2w3n6wn2w17n12w9nw2nwu


Blackstaff Tower(Forgotten Realms)

    • 107en (open north) 4n2w4n2w3n2e3n3e6n2w3n2w12n5nwn2w9nw2n2w3n6wn2w17n12w8nwu

Clanhall: Black Church (HRO) (Great Realms)

    • 16nun (open down) d

Elemental Shrine(Great Realms)

    • 10e4s2es2eds4und5nu

Grand Arena (Great Realms)

    • Enter portal (Only possible when the portal is opened at MS)

Ruins of Tru (Forgotten Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5s2e5s2ese2se2ses2e2s3eses2e6s2e2sese3sdsuwusws3wsw2sese2ses2e2s6enu5es2es2esen4en2enu2en3e3nenede2n6enenenueueun2enuenu2nwdn2wndnuwnwnu2nenund8esed7e3ne2nunenendn2ene2nen2e5n2uw

Werewolf Island (Great Realms)

    • 15ne2ne4n2wsws

Other/Not listed under areas command

Azoun's Project (Great Realms)

    • 15nwun

Bloodstoner Mansion, The(Great Realms)

    • 24e6ne

Shadow Grove (Great Realms)

    • 19ws2w2sws3wnwn

Thra'Kuu Caves (Forgotten Realms)

    • 110es4es (open south) 5s2e5s2ese2se2ses2e2s3eses2e6s2e2sese3sdsuwusws3wsw2sese2ses2e2s6enu5es2es2esen4en2enu2en3e3nenede2n6enenenueueun2enuenu2nws

Vectorian Countryside (Great Realms)

    • 24e11n18w2n

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