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[ How To Battle Other Airships ]

Any airship can do battle, and any airship can be attacked. There is no NPK

airships in the air, all are vulnerable. Of course depending on the pilots

and such, certain rules can and cannot apply.

See RULELIST 4 for all airship rules.

There are two methods of attacking another ship. You can either directly aim

the cannon at the airship, or shot at it from a distance.


Close range combat is only possible when the airship is in the same

room as your airship. From the airship's weapon room, type

AIM (Cannon Name) (Airship Name). This will aim your cannon at the other

airship. Type FIRE (Cannon Name) to fire your cannon.


Long range combat can be used against airships within a 15 rooms radius.

From the airship's weapon room, type AIM (Cannon Name) (Direction). To

fire, type FIRE (Cannon Name). This will fire your cannon up to 15 rooms.

Long range battle takes a little longer to caculate hit or miss.

Once an airship has been disabled, two things will happen, and other

options will become available.

[1] All members of the crew will recieve an Airpoint Token. These objects

can be eaten to gain an Airpoint. Airpoints can be used to purchase airship

items and other items from the Airpoint Master, found in Port Torregiano.

[2] All airships have a record of kills and destructions, which can be

displayed by typing TOPPILOT. To see an airship's record, while on board,

type the command. Your record will change depending if you were disabled

or destroyed another ship.

[3] The "BOARD" command can be used once an airship is disabled. This command

allows you to board another dead airship, in which you can PK any PK players,

steal their items, and do anything within the rules to the airship. To board,

type BOARD (Airship Name). To go back to your airship, type DEBOARD.

There is also an airship arena for use, which allows you to battle other

airships without having to repair them afterwards. There is no challenge

system like the PK arena, all challenges are made by talking to another

airship, and setting up a match. Type ARENA AIRSHIP CHALLENGE to teleport

your airship to the challenge room. From there, you can drive down to the

arena and do battle. When done, your airship will be transfered to rooms

marked "WINNER" or "LOSER". You can hear airship arena battles by turning

on the airship arena battle channel, by typing ARENA AIRSHIP ON.



> air_before

> air_buy

> air_comm

[Customization Commands]--------------------------------------------------------------+

| Airname | Type AIRNAME <NAME>, to change an airship room name. |

| Airdesc | Type AIRDESC, to open the editting program. |

| Airfurn | Type AIRFURN <RESTRING>, to restring your airship furniture. |

| Bolt | Type BOLT <Furniture Name>, to remove the take flag from your furniture. |

| Unbolt | Type UNBOLT <furniture name>, to give your furniture the take flag. |

| Porthole | Type PORTHOLE, to place a porthole in the current room. |

[Battle/Repair Commands]--------------------------------------------------------------+

| Aim | Type AIM <Cannon Name> <Airship Name>, to aim a cannon at an airship. |

| Fire | Type FIRE <Cannon Name>, to fire that cannon. |

| Tow | Type TOW (Location) with your airship key in your inventory. |

| Repair | Type REPAIR (Type) for manual airship repairs. Type REPAIR LIST |

| Board | Type BOARD <Airship Name>, to board another airship (when defeated). |

| Deboard | Type DEBOARD <Airship Name>, to return to your airship. |

| Ping | Type PING <Direction optional>, to locate mobs and airships around you. |

[Teleport Engine]---------------------------------------------------------------------+

| Beacon | Type BEACON, to see a list of available beacons. |

| Teleport | Type TELEPORT #, using the number of beacon to teleport there. |


| Remcannon| Type REMCANNON <Cannon Name> to remove & refund your cannon. |

| Remengine| Type REMENGINE <Engine> while in the engine room to remove your engine. |

| Hull | Type HULL (Code) to upgrade hitpoints. Type HULL LIST. |


| CB | Type CB to speak over the CB radio to all airships. |

| Loud | Type LOUD (Message) to send a message outside your airship. |


| Compass | Type COMPASS, to see the current rooms around you. |

| Navlight | Type NAVLIGHT to turn on your outside airship lights to see in the dark. |

| Drive | Type DRIVE <Direction>, to move your airship in a direction. |

| Leave | Type LEAVE, within the helm room to leave the airship. |

| Enter | Type ENTER <Airship Name>, to enter an open airship. |

| Status | Type STATUS, which displays fuel & hitpoints. |

| Rent | Type RENT, while in a parking zone to safly store your airship. |

| Unrent | Type UNRENT <Airship Name>, to unpark your airship & get your keys. |

| Airspeed | Type AIRSPEED #, to change how fast you go & how much fuel you use. |

| Airopen | Type AIROPEN <Direction>, to open a door from inside your airship. |

| Arecall | Type ARECALL SET, to set a recall point on your airship (ARECALL to go) |



> air_custom

[ Customizing Your Airship ]

Airships can be customized with their own room descriptions and furniture.

There are several commands involved. It is semi-easy to do. You MUST have

your airship key on you while customizing.


To change a room name, type AIRNAME (Whatever you want). This will change

the room name of the room you are in.


Room descriptions are edited with a special program, the same kind builders

use to build areas. To enter this program, type AIRDESC. The following

should appear.

-=======- Entering APPEND Mode -========-

Type .h on a new line for help

Terminate with a - or @ on a blank line.



Anything you type while in this mode will become the room description. There

are several small commands you can use while in this mode. To see them, while

in this mode, type .h and they will appear as so.

.r 'old' 'new' - replace text (Example: .r 'Oldtext' 'Newtext'

.h - get help (Displays this)

.s - show what has been written so far

.f - Formats your description to look nice (USE THIS WHEN DONE!)

.c - Deletes everything that has been written.

.d - Deletes previous line.

@ - Closes the edit program.

Make sure to type SAVE when done. When you save with your airship key on you,

your airship will also save.


Airship Furniture, which can be purchased at your local airship furniture

store at Port Torregiano, can have its "LONG DESCRIPTION" edited. This term

is what is used by builders. Here is how it works...

LONG DESCRIPTION: What you see when item is on the floor & looked at.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: What you see when holding the item.

At this time you can only edit the long description. To edit it,

type AIRFURN (What you want it to be).


Portholes allow you to see what is outside. They are placed by typing

PORTHOLE in the room you wish to have it. You can look out these portholes

by typing "Look In Port", and the outside room will be displayed. Also you

will see any activities outside.


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