Halflings are a quiet folk who like to keep to themselves, and are not

often seen filling the role of an adventurer. They would much rather

sit complacently by a fireplace enjoying a good book, good drink, and

good conversation. They are, however, very adept thieves, and have the

mental capabilities to be quite powerful mages. They are about half

as tall as the average human, thus the name halfling. Because of this

small size and the fact that most devices are built to human proportions,

halflings are masters at lockpicking, disarming traps, and jewel craft.

They also have very easy access to pockets, and there is no door a

halfling can not open and slip through with the utmost of silence.


| Strength [STR] : 15(19) | Size : Small |

| Intelligence [INT] : 20(24) | Resistances : Poison, Disease, Holy |

| Wisdom [WIS] : 16(20) | Vulnerabilities : |

| Dexterity [DEX] : 21(25) | Immunities : |

| Constitution [CON] : 18(22) | Perm. Affects : Pass Door, Swim |