| [ The Waterdeep Rule System ] |


| |

| The rules of Waterdeep are listed in a unique system created to |

| help you find the rule you are looking for when needed. All play- |

| ers are required to READ THE RULES. Ignorance of the rules will |

| not be accepted as an excuse for breaking them. |

| |

| Syntax: rulelist list |

| This will bring up a list of our rules, separated by category |

| (listed on the far left) and subcategory (indented beneath the |

| category it is in). |

| |

| Syntax: rulelist read <category> <subcategory> |

| By replacing <category> with the category number and <subcategory> |

| with the subcategory number as shown on the list, this will display|

| rules in a particular grouping. |

| |

| Syntax: rulelist search <keywords> |

| When you are not sure where a certain rule is listed, you can use |

| the search command to locate all rule subcategories with a particu-|

| lar word in it. Best results will be achieved by using single |

| words rather than phrases. |

| |

| NOTE: Rules in cyan are no different from any other rules, that is |

| a notation for the immortals on rules that, at some point, will be |

| enforced through code. Until then, they are to be followed as any |

| other. |

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| Created 04/09/06, Updated [01/25/2013] - Luthic |



| Help | immortal, immortals |


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| =-----------= |

| The Waterdeep Imm Staff |

| =-----------= |

| |

| Each immortal has a basic duty of maintenance and quality control |

| on the mud, but additional assignments are given for each imm. |

| |

| Please contact the specific immortal for specific subjects, and |

| use NOTE TO IMMORTAL for general immortal contact. There are two |

| steps to contacting an immortal: |

| |

| 1. First pray with your problem a coupld of times, waiting a few |

| minutes in between. A message will appear if there are no |

| immortals available at that time. |

| |

| 2. If you cannot contact an immortal, then please post a note to |

| immortals stating your problem and other information. We hold |

| a 95% guarantee that your note will get answered. |

| |

| See Also: |

| Help Immlist : A list of immortals and their duties. |

| Help WDLaw : How to act with immortals and their powers. |

| |

| Immortals See: |

| Help Immlaw : A list of immortal rules. |

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| <All Levels> Updated [06/05/2013] - Luthic |



| Help | immlist |


| |

| The immortals of Waterdeep are individuals who volunteer their |

| time to help the MUD run smoothly and ensure the enjoyment of the |

| players. See wizlist for a current listing of all staff. Any |

| immortal can be contacted regarding rules, questions, concerns, |

| or just to say hello - they don't bite... much. Any immortal also|

| has the right to punish players when they break the rules. (help |

| rules). |

| |

| Some immortals have extra duties above and beyond those shared by |

| all staff: |

| |

| Nisstyre - Owner/Staff/Policy Admin |

| Bane - Chief Coder |

| Kord - Chief Builder |

| Istus - Roleplay imm/Head Builder |

| |

| Also note that any immortal level 109 or above shares responsi- |

| bility for any appeals on staff judgment. (help appeals). |

| |


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| Help | WDLaw |


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| =-----------= |

| Waterdeep Law |

| =-----------= |

| |

| This section of the help files is here to help you, the players |

| of the game, know what happens when the immortals "pull you over" |

| for rule breakings and other things. |

| |

| A main tip for dealing with immortals is to remain calm and civil.|

| Immortals tend to get irritable when mortals have bad attitudes, |

| and why? It's unpleasant, and no one gets paid to deal with the |

| extreme unpleasantries that can come from keeping things in order.|

| |

| As a mortal in Waterdeep, we give players three rights they can |

| use. You have the right to know the NAME and LEVEL of the imm |

| that has "pulled you over." You have the right to know what you |

| have been/are being punished for. You have the right to appeal |

| your punishment IF you have a reasonable case. (See Help Appeal) |

| |

| In an attempt to bring better help and quality of service to the |

| players of the mud, we have written help files explaining the |

| powers of an immortal, right down to what they can and cannot do. |

| This is so you, knowing the level of the immortal punishing you, |

| also know what they can and cannot do without the permission of a |

| higher authority. |

| |

| See Also: |

| Help Immortal : Tells what each immortal is in charge of. |

| Help ImmList : The Lists and Job Duties of the Immortal Staff. |

| Help ImmPower : Charts on Immortals & What They Can/Can't Do. |

| Help Appeals : How to appeal a punishment you feel unjust. |

| |


| <All Levels> Updated [06/11/2013] - Luthic |



| Help | immpower |


| |

| Each level of immortality gives way to what an immortal can and |

| cannot do. Each immortal gains commands and is entrusted with |

| using those commands by gaining levels. By gaining levels, the |

| immortal is trusted to obey the rules regarding the commands, as |

| well as knowing how and when to use them. |

| |

| There are immortals who have gained a high level of trust with |

| their superiors, and are authorized to use commands of their own |

| free will, while other immortals must still get permission to use |

| a certain command. |

| |

| There are eight main immortal punishment commands. These are: |

| Corner, Ban, Wipe, Slay, Freeze, Deny, Wizslap, and No* |

| (*no, *nochan, *nopost, *noclan, etc.) |

| |

| [What Each Punishment Does] |

| |

| Corner : Spend X number of ticks in a room unable to move. |

| Ban : Character can no longer log into the mud. |

| Wipe : Wipes the pfile so it is unable to be used. |

| Slay : Kills the character instantly. |

| Freeze : Freezes your character from doing anything. |

| Wizslap : Transfers player to a random room and curses them. |

| No* : Used to take away commands, posting, channels, etc. |

| |

| Newbielock is a command similar to Ban, but prevents anyone from |

| a given site from making newbies on the mud. |

| |

| Help Punish2 will show a handy dandy chart for reference. |

| |


| <All Levels> Updated [06/05/2013] - Luthic |


< Xezat [10831/11206hp 66align] [Q:0 J:0] [ Baths ] 7am> help punish2



| Help | immpower, punish2 |


| |

| [The Powers & Authority of Immortals] |

| |

| +--------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+------+ |

| | | 104 | 105 | 106 | 107 | 108 | 109 | 110 | OWNR | |

| +--------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+------+ |


| |WIPE | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A |AUTHO|FREE |FREE |FREE | |

| |SLAY | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A |AUTHO|FREE |FREE |FREE | |






| +--------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+------+ |

| | | Newbie | Immortal | God | Elder Gods | |

| +--------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+------+ |

| |FREE : Immortals can use commands at own free will. | |

| |AUTHO: Need Authority of Higher Immortal. | |

| | N/A : Nothing, means that level does not have those com.| |

| +--------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+------+ |

| |


| <All Levels> Updated [06/05/2013] - Luthic |



| Help | plevel |


| |

| Plevel is a number assigned to a player based on how many offenses|

| the player has, and is used to determine levels of punishment. |

| |

| They follow this guideline unless instructed otherwise by an IMP. |

| |

| Punishment Points: Up to 6 per player |

| Level 0 = No points |

| Level 1 = 1 point every 3 offenses of a L1. |

| Level 2 = 1 point for every 2 offenses of a L2. |

| Level 3 = 1 point for every 1 offense of a L3. |

| Level 4 = 6 points every offense. |

| |


| All Levels - Updated [08/20/2013] - Luthic |


0) The Golden Rule

0) The Golden Rule

Plevel [X]

-We reserve the right to punish anyone at anytime however we want.

-Do not attempt to find loopholes and/or twist the wording of any rule.

-Show respect to all immortals, regardless of the situation or personal feelings.

-Being an asshole or smartass will get you reprimanded quickly and painfully.

-If something is not listed as a rule, DO NOT assume it is legal.

1) General Rules

0) Characters

Plevel [2+]

-Character names, descriptions and any equipment restrings must be within role-playing guidelines.

-Do not publicly disclose alternate characters of any player. This is an automatic Plevel[4].

-No character may have more than 15,000 hitpoints, but may have unlimited mana and movement.

-Forget your character's password, and we will not recover/change it.

1) Mobs

Plevel [2+]

-Do not attack a mob that another character is fighting unless you they invite you to do so.

-No power leveling (high level weakens mobs for low level to kill).

- Except when within 5 levels of each other.

- Alts can NEVER do this for another of the same player's Alt.

-Do not summon or move aggressive mobs into cities or newbie areas.

-Avoid attacking mobs with the [NOTYOURTARGET] flag.

-Do not spell up mobs.

-No charmed mobs in Westbridge and eight (8) charmed mobs per character at one time.

2) Objects

Plevel [2+]

-Do not loot items that you did not get the kill for (corpses, chests, ect)

-Do not touch auto-quest completion objects on the ground unless they are yours.

3) General

Plevel [3+]

-Only one logged on character per player (NOT per socket).

-Do not abuse bugs. Report anything suspicious immediately to the immortals.

-Excessive trash talk, offensive comments, flaming, and spamming on any channel or

board will be punished. The chat board and bitch channel may be used in moderation.

-Use English on all public channels as well as note posts to all.

-Do not advertise other muds on any channel or board, in any language.

-NPK players may only enter clan halls that are not theirs with immortal

permission and supervision.

-Objects from NPK clan halls are NOT to be sold.

-Unique NPK clan items (such as symbols and tattoos) must stay within the NPK clan.

-Do not pack mobs, this is abuse of the "pack" command. (See "Help Pack")

-Use of "OMG" or "PWN" may get you slain


| Help | Pack |


| |

| Syntax: pack <character> |

| |

| Pack is used to equip a newbie with a survival pack. Using the |

| pack command on a mobile (mob/NPC) is illegal and will result in |

| automatic corner time. |

| |


| Updated [01/24/2013] - Luthic |


4) The Immortals

Plevel [X+]

-Do not annoy the Immortals, see rule 0 0

5) Hero Runs

Plevel [3+]

-Have your group ready before claiming a run.

-Do not interfere with a run past the claim point.

-Do not interfere with a previous group retrieving a corpses and fists,

even if the run is abandoned and reclaimed

6) Bots/Botting

Plevel [4+]

-No Bots Allowed, No Exceptions

-Bots are defined in Help Bot




A bot is a pfile that runs automatically from a series of scripts

and or triggers, allowing the pfile to function within the mud

allowing it to -do- things. Thus such activities are found to take

away the game-play of the mud, therefore bots are illegal.

It has not been made illegal to have and run such scripts, but

they can only be ran while under the supervision of the pfile's

owner, aka the Player. This means you cannot leave your pfile

to run such scripts while you go watch TV, cook dinner, buy drugs, etc.

You are to be at the minimum WATCHING what your character is doing.

The reason for this is, in past cases, bots have gotten out of control

and allowed people to cheat during pk and other random things.

Such scripts, for example, are triggers and scripts that allow you

to level, do quests, and/or practise skills. These are examples, but

in general if the series of scripts allow your pfile to "further"

someone via money, quest points, skills, spells, equipment or

anything else of mud-value it is considered a bot.

Once again, HAVING and USING these scripts/triggers -IS- legal.


Simple triggers such as eating, drinking, and recasting spells on

yourself are not considered bot-ish. This means you can be away

from your computer and still have these triggers run. Such triggers

do not "further" any character in the game, only maintain health and


As any rule of Waterdeep, the staff does hold the right to determine

certain factors, but a trigger to scratch your ass anytime someone

walks into the room is not illegal.

2) Player Killing (PK)

0) Combat

Plevel [3+]

-Do not go linkdead to avoid dying.

-Allies outside 5 levels difference or of different tier may only aid by

transporting potions, etc, but must use the transport spell.

-Do not lure NPK players into FreePK areas against their will.

-NPK assistance to PK players must be done in a safe room.

-Cancel is considered a PK spell and cannot be cast on characters that

are out of range, unless the target of the spell gives verbal permission.

-Do not use full heal while under the RIP flag.

-Do not use NPK players as targets for transportation spells to escape from

PK (if you have a FLED penalty).

-Do not use NPK priests casting vortex to escape from PK.

-Do not use NPK players as targets for transportation spells to get to a

particular area of the realm to initiate PK.

-Do not fight out of your range, +/-5 levels.

1) Voodoo

Plevel [4]

-PK may keep and use dolls of other PK

-NPK may keep NPK dolls with permission

-NPK may not carry any PK dolls

-PK may carry but not use dolls of retired PK.

2) Wanted

Plevel [1+]

-Any spell or skill that allows a person to be freed from jail without killing the guard is illegal.

3) Clan Hall Raiding

0) Raiding a Hall

Plevel [3+]

-Do not raid NPK halls.

1) While on a Raid

Plevel [3+]

-Do not raid a clanhall under the protection of the RIP flag unless you gained

the flag while raiding that clanhall.

-Keys to halls must not be stored on any character.

4) Airships

0) Safe Areas

Plevel [2+]

-Do not attack any ships in places labeled "Airship Port" or "Parking Area."

-No aggressive activity at all in Port Torregiano.

1) Boarding/Stealing

Plevel [4]

Do not board an airship unless:

-You have the permission of the owner.

-You have disabled the airship in combat.

-The hatch is left unlocked for longer than 5 seconds.

-You have the key.

Once boarded you may not:

-Destroy, edit or tamper with descriptions or room names.

2) Misc.

Plevel [2+]

-Do not make your airship look like a Hero Run, or any other part of the world.

-No more then 50 items per room (including in bags)

-Keep a decently low number of total items in your airship (if you have to ask, it's too many).

-Do not put apostrophes (') in airship names.

-Do not log off on an airship.

5) Individual Immortal Quest Rules

0) General Guidelines/Rules for All Imm Quests

Plevel [X]

See Help Immquest and Rule 0 0


| Help | iquest, immquests, qgossip |


| |

| Immquests are events held by the immortal staff at times of their |

| choosing. They are for entertainment purposes and come in any |

| number of forms: "boss" mobs to kill, scavenger hunts, riddles |

| and trivia, and so on. |

| |

| During immquests, the immortal holding the event will decide its |

| rules. Standard rules may be overridden for the duration of the |

| immquest as stated by the imm running it. Generally the rules |

| will be made clear ahead of time, but if you are in doubt about |

| what they are, be sure you ask. |

| |

| For some immquests, an IQ flag and qgossip channel are opened for |

| the duration of the event. The flag, seen as a Q in the who flags,|

| protects participants from being PKed while they are involved in |

| the event, as well as letting them chat with other participants |

| using the qgossip channel. Typing "iquest" will turn the flag on. |

| The only way to remove the flag are to relog or wait for the imm |

| running the event to turn the flag off. |

| |

| NOTE: Turning this flag on to gain its protection from PK without |

| joining the quest is illegal and will be punished by the immquest's|

| immortal. |

| |


| Updated [01/22/2013] - Luthic |


6) Property

0) Building


Know what is around your property area wise, do not make NON-LINEAR

Rooms, which are rooms that overlap other rooms, and screw up the map

command, for most places, its best to make a room UP which will keep you

from making nonlinear rooms in the area, unless you overlap your own home.

Use the map command often to be sure your not screwing up any maps but

the one of your own house.

We ask that all names and descriptions meet the theme of the mud, meaning

that you should not have TVs, VCRs or anything non-existing in your area.

Be kind with Key and Room Usage, there is only a limited amount available.

Just as with Airships you are not to name your rooms after popular public

or run areas. Example: 'The Throne Room of Tchazzar' You will lose your

property and risk further punishment.

Be responsible with room linking, do not link a room of property you own

in Torregiano to a room in property you own in another part of the realms.

Anyone caught with such links will lose both properties, and possibly even

the right to property all together.

The right is reserved to punish for anything seen to be abuse. Have fun and

enjoy this system but use common sense, if something seems wrong, or can be

used to your advantage it is probably a bug and needs to be reported.

If you own, use, or rent property you are expected to understand all of the

rules above. 'I didn't know' will not be a valid excuse.

You are allowed to own 3 Parcells of Property ONLY.

Room & Key Usage has no limit, but we ask that you do not be a pig and use

more than what is needed.

Connecting Property that is located somewhere else is frowned upon.

1) PK in Property

Plevel [4+]

-DO NOT- Use your property for a pk advantage, this rule includes but is

not limited to, adding and removing flags and doors to kill or otherwise

trap people inside of your property.

7) Clan Rules

0) Crimson Guardians

1.) Level 50+ First Tier to enter. Level 30+ second tier to enter.

2.) Must have an RP description.

3.) Able to leave at any time.

1) Church of Strife

1.) Upon entering your pfile is surrendered to Cyric.

2.) To leave, you must delete or be wiped. Being wiped means surrendering

your eq to the clan.

2) Shadow Thieves

1.) Must be 2nd tier.

2.) Must have the RP flag.

3.) No alts in other PK clans.

4.) Able to leave at any time.

3) Church of Destruction

1.) Must be level 30+ second tier.

2.) You must pass a test (decided by the clan).

3.) You cannot leave unless you delete, or are wiped.

4) The Harper Alliance

1.) Must be either HERO 1st tier, or level 16 2nd tier.

2.) RP description and flag are required.

3.) You must pass a test (decided by the clan)

4.) To leave the clan, you must reroll or be inactive for 180 days.

5) Knights of the Shield

1.) Must be at least level 90 1st tier.

2.) Must have a filled "Character Trait Sheet".

3.) Must have at least a small character description.

4.) Able to leave at any time.

6) The Dragon's Hoard

1.) Must be 2nd tier.

2.) Able to leave at any time.

7) Apostles of Sune

1.) Must have a description, and RP flag.

2.) Character must be at least 19 years old.

3.) Only one character to be clanned per player.

4.) Able to leave at any time.

8) Church Of Nightmares

1.) Must be level 80+ 1st tier, or any level 2nd tier (at least as low as the code allows).

2.) Must have RP flag.

3.) Must pass a test (decided by the clan).

4.) Character pfile can be removed from the game if you "betray" the clan.

9) The Illuminati

1.) Must have the RP flag.

2.) Able to leave at any time.