Halforcs are a cross between humans and orcs, dwarves and orcs, or sometimes

even giants and orcs. These various combinations are almost always the result

of an orc raid on the habitation of one of those other races, and each type of

halforc is just as mean and hearty as the other. They are also very agile,

and born athletes, however seldom is a halforc found that can even read or

speak coherently. They are quite literally dumber than bricks, but there is

no more fearsome fighter around.

A halforc is a warrior, and if a halforc is not a warrior, then that halforc

is useless. They can fight, and when it suits them they can also sleep, eat,

and fornicate, but that's it.


| Strength [STR] : 19(23) | Size : Medium |

| Intelligence [INT] : 15(19) | Resistances : Magic |

| Wisdom [WIS] : 15(19) | Vulnerabilities : Holy, Lightning |

| Dexterity [DEX] : 20(24) | Immunities : |

| Constitution [CON] : 21(25) | Perm. Affects : |